Personalized Coir Doormats

Coconut floor mats personalized

Don't just stand there and move a doormat, a funny doormat, a welcome mat, a gift for women, a funny gift, an individual doormat, a personalized doormat, a coconut doormat. Individual monogram with decorated edge Coir doormat. With this personalized doormat you can extend your hospitality to your front door. Manufactured from thick coconut fibre pile with rubber underlay. Visit our Outdoor Coir floor mats.

Personalised coconut floor mats - Home State

Please note: There may be minor colour changes in the matt and pattern, as cacao is a naturally occurring commodity. Give your home a uniquely unmistakable look with our Home State personalized coconut floor mats. Coconut mats have a naturally abraded top layer to capture and stop dust and deposits while ensuring the mats are easy to enter.

and they were a big smash! It' a Christmas present for my boy and his family. Excellent workmanship & the ideal fit for your doors. I' m buying two Christmas blankets for our girls and our spouses. Nice present for the girl!

User-defined Matz

"Our coconut floor matting consists of 100% coconut fiber, which is obtained from the shell of the coconut, and of 100% coconut fiber, which is 100% coconut fiber. Their doctoring characteristics are outstanding and they are robust, long-lasting, thick and well processed. Kokosmatten are one of the most traditionally made matting, leading to historical and characteristic houses.

Your door will be perfectly decorated with these mats. It can be adapted to every tastes and needs and is the ideal present for young couples, for heating houses or for individual presents for every event. - Produced from 100% virgin and recyclable fibres with a durable PVC backing that provides a non-slip feel.

  • Suitable for middle range transport, interior and exterior use. - Because of their long service life, coconut matting is personalised and printed on the matting. Like every nature preservative, colorants tend to fade when subjected to exposure to sunlight, chemical agents and severe cleaning. - Each mat is one of a kind because it is individualized.
  • being a rustic item, there will be imperfections and deposits. Note that this is a country style item, which as such has imperfections and is susceptible to hair loss. This mat is intended for middle range transport and is only suited for interior or roofed outdoors. Good vacuuming, shaking or staining as needed with gentle cleaning agents or detergents and plenty of running soda will keep it stained.

For cleaning: 1. The sheets can be taken up and vibrated in order to eliminate collected grime and dusts. Scrap the pad using a shallow rod finish to scrap away surplus sludge and other foreign matter. -When ordering individual doormats, please select them with care, as they are manufactured to your specification, cannot be sold on and therefore cannot be reimbursed.

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