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Customized floor mats company

Customize mats with names, initials or news variety of sizes and designs Individual pet mats. "'At the Personalized Doormats Company, we're crazy about floor mats and customer service. Search, buy and read reviews for the products of The Personalized Doormats Company online. Vincent is known for holding up to a gallon of water per square meter and works in a door mat manufacturing company. The Chalk + Co company, based in Perth, specialises in the artisan production of beautiful and functional chalk, wooden wedding signs and event signs.

Offer the gift everyone needs - a personalised doormat.

To create a truly one-of-a-kind present, you can give them an object with a look that matches their person. This present is a personalized doormat. Personalized doormats company is an on-line company that provides a broad range of tailor-made floor matting for private households and companies. Matting is available with fundamental design, which can be provided with the surname of your surname (e.g. The Smith's).

It offers aluminium floor matting, wood floor matting, gum matting, photographic floor matting and even "Grand Entrance" floor matting, which is bigger than traditional floor matting and can be used in large apartments with large and stylish front door. Personalized Floor Matting Company sells non-personalized floor matting with off-the-shelf design, but most of its clients like to create a floor mat that is just their own personal touch, says Jill Mecca.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the company's own Mat range generates significant revenue. There is a wide range of styles available for this range, including breed dogs, collegiate disciplines, pets, camouflage matting (for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts), recreation, sport, military, babies/children, religious and marriage styles.

Industrial floor mats for business use are also loved. Write Your Own Mat range begins at $59, sizes range from 2 x 3 ft, 3 x 4 ft, 3 x 5 ft and 4 x 6 ft. Mekkas thought the mats would be perfect for the home because of their longevity, so they added the DuraCoir Signature and DuraCoir? Inlay Elite to their range and added the DuraCoir Signature and DuraCoir? Inlay Elite ranges to their range.

Mekkas call the Inlay Elite series the working animal of home matting. Personalisation and the edge are inlaid so that the matt does not become faded and the personalised embassy is not worn out. Signature Series has the same polypropylene surface and solution-dyed texture as the inlay, but with an added sleek feel.

Signature series ( 2 x 3 foot, 3 x 5 foot and 3 x 6 foot sizes) begins at $89, while Inlay Elite range ( 2 x 3 foot, 3 x 4 foot and 3 x 6 foot sizes) begins at $99. Mekkas, who bought The Personalized Doormats Company in 2007 and added their own niche products - among them the Own Mat and DuraCoir Design Own ranges - are expecting this to be their busy Christmas time.

In July of this year, their revenue increased by 15 per cent over July 2008, and revenue is growing monthly.

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