Personalized Entrance Mats

Customized entrance mats

Design your entrance area or lobby with your logo on a floor mat or runner. Please contact us today to order your personal mat! Personalised door mats | Coconut mats N' More Personalised floor mats are a great way to personalise your own floor mats. You now have the luxuries to create your own Coco floor mats with your name or your own name. Not only are these mats efficient at collecting shoe debris and sludge, they also help keep debris from leaving marks inside the home, saving you long cleaning time.

Some of our most popular personalised foot mats are with scroll scroll borders, leaf tendril borders, simple borders, dual borders, flowering heart borders and simple borders. For your own custom designs, please go to the Custom Logo Mats area. More than 50 types of personalized foot mats are available. This personalised mats are also ideal as individual presents.

Personalised door mats are the ideal complement to any home or work!

Personalised doormats are the ideal complement to any home or work! Our products include individual mats, mats with letters and letters, personalised welcome mats with messages or pictures and even individual dimensions and forms. If a personalized doormat is too personally designed - we stock a vast selection of nice home doormats and welcome mats for private use that match the bill.

Manufactured from coconut (coconut fibre), gum or cloth, we certainly wear the ideal entrance mats for your home.

Personalised entrance mats - Customer-specific logo mats

Notice: Not advisable when rolling over mats with heavier devices. Edge trimming available for wall installation or quadratic trimming for installation use. These materials are perfect for all types of entrance areas, indoor and outdoor. The Piazza is insensitive to ultraviolet rays and can be trimmed to any dimension and form without the edge loosening.

It can be directly bonded or made into made-to-measure mats with edges on all sides. Send us your print template by e-mail to receive a free copy and a quotation. Cheerful vulcanized back with 20% recycle. Offers a non-slip finish that efficiently eliminates stubborn debris, soil and moisture from your toes.

The Waterhog Inlay Logo mats have a max. mean tension of 1.6 KV, tested with the AATCC 134 Electrostatic Properties Test and meet the IBM resistivity (NFPA99). The Waterhog mats are designed for use in computer rooms and near electrical appliances. National Floor Safety Institute certificated skid protection. Send us your camera-ready art by e-mail for a free trial copy.

Photorealistic pictures, print-ready templates, sounds and shading are created with incomparable detail and clearness. Oil and chemical resistance. Download your template for a free trial. 100 percent high quality gum pad with durable antistatic polyamide rug for years of problem free use. The environmentally sound underlay contains 15% - 20% recyclable material.

Obtainable with oil/grease retardant 100% nitrile back when application requires extra protective film. LUTRADUR? primarysubstrate provides a powerful bonding between gum and rug. National Floor Safety Institute certificated skid resistance. Send us your camera-ready art by e-mail for a free trial copy. Light and daring, these mats are the ideal way to attract the interest of your people.

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