Personalized Gym Mats

Gymnastic personalized mats

Take a look at our personalized selection of fitness mats to get the most out of unique or custom handcrafted pieces from our stores. Find and browse our selection of tailor-made gymnastic mats to meet your specific needs. Tailor-made gymnastic mats for schools are available as multi-coloured folding mats from the USA on order for staggering, gymnastics and long-lasting training. Personalized fire waves fitness mat, with name or text, perfect for an individual gift or a Gym/Yoga/Pilates lover or for yourself. Gymnastic mats ideal for tumbling, cheerleading and martial arts from beginner to advanced.

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Personalised gymnastic mat - Colour

Undoubtedly, our new personalised folded mats with your name and our fun and colourful colour design will put a big grin on every young gymnast's face and give them the additional power they need to practise at home or in the gym. These personalized folded mats are manufactured with the same high level of craftsmanship as our other gym mats, with the added benefit of having your name imprinted on the mats.

A 1-3/8 " cross-linked expanded plastic insert with quick release fasteners (such as Velcro) at the ends to allow you to continuously connect two or more mats when a longer wobble run is required. All our personalized folded mats are lined with 18oz. strong dual layer synthetic material (more resistant) than the 14oz. synthetic material used by many of our rivals.

Excellent penetration and tensile strengths, stab fastness and wear resistence in a fabric-coated matt are achieved through the combination of heavier vinyls, highly woven polyesters and top lacquer fusion. Crosslinked folded mats made of expanded polyethylene are recommended for entry into the world of physical education, sports, acrobatics and performanceymnastics. Have a look at a larger range of custom made mats!

Take a look at our rose plastic exercise bar (in stock)! Gymnastic blanket specification:

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