Personalized Mouse Pads

Customized mouse pads

Make a fully customizable mouse pad for your home or office. Each click of a personalized collage mouse pad makes you smile. Give your desk at work or your home office a little character and colour with our custom photo mouse pads and choose from a variety of stylish templates. For the home office or the computer at work, an individual photo mouse pad is a gift that is guaranteed to be used! Mouse pads with logo, individually printed according to your specifications, for use in companies, schools or in the home office.

Luxe Mouse Pad - Deluxe Mouse Pad - Pictures from BGW

Give your workplace some personality with your own photographs printed on these individual home and desk supplies and stationary. There' everything you need for good organization, plus birthdays, addresses, recipe booklets, mouse pads, suitcase labels, visiting maps and the like. There will be a much lighter light in your tag, enveloped in your particular recollections that can be personalized with text or ornaments.

No matter whether you are looking for something out of the ordinary on your desktop, in your purse or on your baggage, our home and stationary offer has something for everyone! Just choose your favorite picture, text, decorations or frames to make a fun and practical magnetic object that sticks to all metallic substrates.

Also you can make your own accessory and order and find your BIG W stationary shop here. Deliveries to the warehouse are free of cost. Australia home or business deliveries will be charged at $6.95 for the first and $1.95 for each other. Check all shipping information here.

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Heat up your working area a little more and give it a unique note with a mouse mat with a picture that makes you laugh. Yes, it may seem so small, but we use our computer all the time, how much could it be enjoyable to see a favourite picture all the time while we work to remember our beloved ones at home?

Creating a mousepad with photos is really simple... just put in your own photos, illustrations, designs or text to make your tag more enjoyable. Individual mouse pads are also a great present. Select a photodesign or make a montage with a wallpaper of your choosing. Are you looking for extra possibilities to enliven a desktop or an entire studio with individual photographic products?

Clothe your desktop and take note in a personalised personaliser. Include your favourite text or picture for a memo book. You' ll like it whether you use it as a magazine or for daily notices. Table diaries are the ideal present for the holiday season in the later part of the year or at the turn of the year. Launch your monthly diary and make a personalised desktop diary with your favourite pictures.

Breathtaking and long-lasting, our calendar has an integrated presentation staff.

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