Personalized Rubber Floor Mats

Customized rubber floor mats

This universally applicable, personalised PVC floor mat is the perfect gift for any occasion. The rubber mats can be used in various areas and make cleaning very easy. Explore our wide range of rubber floor mats for a variety of vehicle applications.

Personalised floor mats for your vehicle

Include a personal note by typing anything you want (up to 10 characters), available on almost all Lloyd rug series. Featuring four fonts and over two dozen different colours, your stitched emblem is a welcome complement. For most, opt for their stitched emblems, but be free to become inspired with the added room.

Embroider your individual emblem in your own selected design and is available on all Lloyd rug ranges (except Luxe). "Tom's Nova", "Truckin'", "Rev Up" After you have selected your personal emblem and typeface, you will be offered 24 colour choices for your work. There are all our basic colours - inclusive blacks, whites, reds, darks and light brown, as well as the more unusual colours - violet, pinks, neon oranges, and neons.

Keep this in mind - you can also select from several colours of mats, giving your mats a look that only you will have.

Floor mats - Custom rubber mats, commercial and interior

  • Optionally with drain wells. Citrile rubber and padding help make them so comfy. Safeguard your employees with a wide range of choices for either damp or arid sites. - Linkable or modulare lifestyles fit perfectly into uncommon rooms and sizes. Flexi Tip is a perfectly designed rubber shaving pad made of rubber, which is easy to clean by spraying or vibrating.
  • Bevelled corners avoid stumbling and allow the mobile equipment to tip over slightly. V-Groove Mat has a structured ribbed teeth pattern that helps maintain grip, absorb impact, reduce fracture from dropped items and protect the floor. - Select between a vinylic or rubber structure. - The low section allows simple entry and exit from the shopping basket.

Mats are like humans - they are all good at different things. - Drainage option for humid and arid areas. Choice of choices to help you keep your interior cleaner. Moulded rubber wipers keep the footwear free as they are walked over by others. - With round and eye-catching finishes, or try a sample of recyclees.

Offers outstanding grip while simplifying operation and cycling. 18 " x 18" grooved tile, with additional security platforms. - ErgoDeck? Solid is perfect for use in areas where small parts fall to the ground. - ErgoDeck? Open has a large drain pattern to allow liquids to pass through unhindered. Best anti-fatigue properties developed for damp areas.

  • Optionally with drain wells. With these mats your toes will be quite lucky and laid back. This is a great matt that stands out as an entrance matt for both indoors and out. It is a durable rubber mats, which serves as the first line of defence against ground influences. - Physical size does not obstruct the doors and makes room for carriages.
  • Select between full and drain option. Proven classical diamonds design with vinylic finish for longevity and power. 15% of rubber consists of recyclable material. - Plain rubber or vinyls with diamonds. - Accessories with earthed heels and earthing cable.

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