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Abrilina Entry first impression Monogrammed outer door mat. A personalized couple doormat is the beautiful accent piece to create a loving reception for family and friends. Are you looking for a robust doormat or a personalised door mat? The Lands' End has both indoor and outdoor floor mats, including bespoke door mats that are perfect for your home. Browse our wide range of indoor and outdoor door mats with stylish designs and fun sayings.

Personalised outdoor mats

Ideal for placing a raw food tablet and nuts with a boyfriend, this kit has everything you need to turn your garden into a relaxed holiday. Featuring two seats and a desk, each chair is made of aluminium and covered in all-weather wickerwork / wattan, accentuated by pillows padded with polyesters.

Tables with glas tops are classy and at the same time low-maintenance. This 3-piece seating group with pillows is the ideal place to relax, eat, chat, or do nothing outside. Supplied completely with seating pads made of all-weather, moisture-repellent pillowcases, you can feel more than at ease while the Harzweiden kit repels the outer shells.

Keep outdoor furnishings inside or keep them well covered when not in use. Featuring hard-wearing, weatherproof synthetic fibre over a powder-coated metal framework, this 3-piece 2-person settee with cushions is designed to resist everything you' re offered by use. In contrast to genuine braid, which desiccates and is cracked, rosin braid is supple and lightfast, which means it remains like new after every seasonal use.

Furthermore, all-weather mesh does not adsorb moisture and also allows airflow, making it the ideal option for the pool edge! Moreover, the Harz willow is practically..... The 3-piece Waller Rattan 2 person suite with cushions is ideal for smaller outdoor areas such as balcony apartments, terraces and verandas.

These sets consist of a black rattan-coated frame and black plastic pad. Contains 2 chairs with pillows and 1 side desk to accommodate your favourite food and drink. Even though the pillows are intended for outdoor use, it is advisable to store them inside or in a decking or stall when not in use to ensure a long life....

The Campos 3-piece conversation kit with the slender outline of these armchairs provides a modern touch on classic terrace work. Cling styled seats provide a lot of comforts without affecting the styling. Side tables made of stainless steal have a unique lacquered top, which makes them an unmistakable element of this series.

These 3-part sets contain 2 sloths and 1 side..... With this eight-part settee, which presents two side couches, a central couch, a sofa corner, a jazz desk and three ottoman, you can create your favourite outdoor area in a stylish way. Made of willow risotan and with an aluminium framework, the weaved detailing of this neatly padded kit adds an airy feel to your décor, while the foam-filled pillows of this item give your well-equipped aesthetics an added cosy cushion.

Join this kit to your terrace complex and invites the guest to unwind..... The Auden 3-piece 2-person settee is ideal when you want to sit comfortably in the tightest of spaces. Its round, huge shape provides an aerodynamic and luxurious sitting area. Auden 3 piece 2 person suite contains a desk with a removable hard top made of hard glas.

The Zion 3-piece rattan 2-person settee is a stylish, convenient interior or exterior styling. Created from designs based on interwoven furnishings that were loved in Central America in the 1950' and 60', the range provides chairs that offer strength and breatheability. Zion's 3-piece Rattan 2-person settee is ingeniously designed to centre your body mass between its stainless steal legs for maximum convenience so you can feel relaxed and supportive.

No matter if you enjoy the solar solos or are with your buddies at a coctail fest, this four-piece kit is ideal for relaxing outside. Featuring a living room chair, two armchairs and a coffeetable, it seats four and has room for beverages and starters. Everything in this outdoor living kit is made from weatherproof material - massive wooden frame, massive wooden frame, massive wooden cushion - so you don't have to worry about sunlight and rains.

3-piece Mirabella 2 person seating group with cushions, contains 2 individual seats, 1 coffeetable. Designed for the small room in your terrace, your yard, your lawns, your courtyard, this kit can make your outdoor environment attractive and new. Manufactured from high-quality and light wattan materials and structural steels, this piece of jewellery is weatherproof and can be used for a long while.

The thick back and booster cushion provide additional sitting comforts. With this dynamic outdoor kit you can enjoy a tranquil oasis in all four seas. The Outdoor Complete 3-piece Rattan 2 persons settee can be used both indoors and outdoors. Contemporary and classy design features, this kit provides convenient and extraordinarily breathtaking outdoor lounge.

Designed in stainless steal, the framework of this settee ensures longevity and robustness. Fabricated with interwoven resins to enhance the aesthetics of the.... A great complement to any courtyard setting, this country-style corporate coffeetable kit is a great way to add a touch of class to any home. With a tabletop of chestnut tree top and a chair on an aluminium base for a genuine, traditional and rural atmosphere.

Robust and classy, this kit is the ideal combination for any terrace interior. This three-part conversational kit was developed for outdoor use and is perfectly suited for a veranda or terrace. Equipped with a weatherproof metal framework and synthetic fibre mesh, it is no longer a question of ultraviolet rays being shone downwards or a storm passing through.

Step back on the rockers with your better half, while the side bench supplied keeps thirst-quenching beverages right by your side. Dillon's 3-piece teak cushion set includes a section cradle to keep the cushion in storage when not in use, and a section alcove to keep the cushion in place when not in use.

Build an outdoor hideaway that you'll want to come back to again and again with terrace seating that offers you convenience and longevity. The Portsmouth 5 piece 2 person sofa with cushion is ideal for spending a few moments with a boyfriend under the skies as you keep objects on the side desk and the ottoman lounges within easy range.

Ranging from garden grills to relaxed meetings with your closest friend over a cup of tea on the terrace, this three-part talk kit is a must for your outdoor team. The round 19'' high x 40'' high x 40'' low x 40'' high round is made of massive teak and has a lamella pattern.

5'' dryer - including pillows made of polyesters, which can be machine-washed and stuffed with polyurethane foams for added comforts. Besides, every bit is weatherproof.... Decorate your confined terrace area with this lightweight wicker tray unit. Made of lightweight but sturdy aluminium frames with braided PE-rubber. Complement the kit with a toughened safety tempered safety plate.

Make your very own haven on your terrace or your decks with this three-part talk kit with pillows! Featuring two matched chairs and a coffeetable, each chair is based on a stable inner stainless stell base covered in densely interwoven blackened polyester fiber. Occasional side desk falls on a quadratic outline of 17 " high x 15. 75" high x 15. 75" high x 15. 75" low altogether.....

Featuring soft pillows, this range is as comfy as it is gorgeous. Handmade from weatherproof round willow strings with a wide range of naturally lit shades, this range is a breathtaking complement to any outdoor habitat. Featuring an elementary style, this range combines elements to form an attractive outdoor setting.

Every item is made of sturdy aluminium with outdoor soft pillows, stylishly finished and shaped to withstand all seasons. Add a classical note to your colourful pool or outdoor setting with this beautiful 2 armchair seat and side desk in 2 braided resins for relaxing coctails, candle holders and more.

Comfortably unwind with the Tampa wickerwork terrace range. Tampa 3-piece rattan 2-person seating group with cushion, this multi-purpose Tampa contains two luxury armchairs with low seats and an undertable. Tampa's range consists of a tightly woven cocoa weaving rosin with matching cream-coloured pillows, classy swivel arms, levellers on all parts, burnished aluminium protection corner guards and an extremely long-lasting polywood couch top.

It is an outdoor piece of seating, which includes a live seat with cushion and a sofa. After work, savour a drink by the swimmingpool or on the porch with this indispensable Minden 3-piece conversation kit with pillow. Upholstered armchairs give a cosy feel, while the side tables provide room for a snack rack.

You the kind of guy who just can't afford to sit around and watch the sun rise? This 10-piece settee will be the ideal meeting place for your relatives and your buddies when the sun sets and the thermometer starts shooting at 80°C! Consisting of a right armchair, a single armchair, four armchairs with slippers, a single armchair and two armchairs for clubs that can be combined, blended and shifted, this kit is made up of a single armchair....

These outdoor 3-piece rattan 2 person seating group with cushions is the image of the category. You can use this kit alone or as part of your outdoor pack. With its aluminium frame, this chatset is the ideal complement to any terrace or courtyard. Includes a live seat, 2 armchairs and a desk, this kit has it all.

Featuring unique padded sides for added convenience and detachable seating and backrests, this kit is perfectly suited to any scenery. Long-lasting, powder-coated steel framework, ideally for terrace, veranda, pool or terrace pillows for a cosy fit, detachable pillows for simple chair washing, which can be attached with 2 belts.

Give your favourite outdoor aesthetics an aerial look with this three-piece kit featuring two deckchair-inspired armchairs and a matching counter. Manufactured from a blend of propylene resins and metals. Ideal for relaxation with a books or to catch up with friends, this discreet kit is a great complement to your terrace area.

Farr's 6-piece rattan portional cushion kit turns any outdoor area into a modern lounging area of high craftsmanship and sophistication. Contains a single edge, four armchairs, a coffeetable and three cushions. Every single slice melts into a giant L-shaped cut that your guests will like.

Wickerwork and a metal framework are weatherproof and low lying pillows are covered in an easy-to-clean mixed woven mesh. Farr 6-piece..... Enhance your garden with Outsunny's 7-piece sectional sitting area with outside pillows and make the outside of your home as welcoming as the inside.

Rattan Sectional Group is a 7-piece cushioned rattan range that is contemporary, stylish and versatile with a uniquely configurable shape. Combine and combine to make the right seat for your outdoor environment. These outdoor 3 piece 2 person suite with cushion is the core of the terrace if you are looking for a place where you can crack your loaf with your beloved on the restful weekends afternoon that we are all so comfortable with, this kit may be right for you.

Featuring two armchairs, a loving chair and a beautifully hot fire place that you can sit and relax on all year round, this Crosstown 5-piece sofa set with pillow is a great place to relax. Manufactured from high grade aluminium, each of the chair and deckchair offers both convenience and high grade workmanship. Fire tray is made of magnesia to ensure the highest level of workmanship and efficiency.

Accept a weight with the Springboro 5-piece cover kit with cushion, including 2 seats, 2 ottoman and a small desk. Constructed to resist the elemental forces of its braided surface of Polyethylen. Ideal for outdoor relaxation, these pillows offer you and your patrons maximal comforts.

Enjoy your latest books by the pool or on the terrace with this beautiful deck chair made of Harz willow and neutrally tinted pillows. A warm welcome to the courtyard, barbecue and sunny moments of happiness with this four-piece sofaset consisting of a living seat, two armchairs and a coffeetable. It was developed for outdoor use and consists of weather-resistant stainless steels and synthetic resins, which are highly effective against ultraviolet rays and storms.

In addition, the reclining seat and two armchairs are each rounded off with a couple of pillows of polyester compound for a hint of comforts. Starry sky dinner, sun-drenched refreshments, pool drinks - the selection includes all possibilities to savour this outdoor-friendly discussion group. Supplied with four seats and two coffeetables, this kit offers four metal racks covered in all-weather wickerwork for an airy look that will stand up to the element and delight all year round.

In addition, four removable off-white pillows are provided to complete the look, and the mixed cover can be removed for ease of care. Expand your evening with the heat of a fire desk in your outdoor room. With long-lasting groups of seats, you can keep yourself warmer and more comfy with a range that will withstand the storm, while at the same time offering a nice hub for meeting your loved ones.

The Greendale is a flag ship of style and versatility, with up to five seats and a unique styling that makes it the ideal complement to any room, large or small. Greendale looks as good as it looks with ultra-thick parasol pillows and a sleek wicker shade of pink. Comprising a reclining seat, bench top, armchair and coffeetable with glas top and a pillow to turn the desk into an Otto.

Here it is about the big, air freshened soft pads and pads. Composed of an aluminium framework, Sunbrella fabric and a genuine vibrant fabric, this 10-piece profile is a perfect match for the look and feel of a car. Expand your terrace with the Anson 3 pieces 2 person seating group. The Anson 3 person 2 person suite contains the beloved genuine Anson firebowl in grey and contains a pair of Anson leisure seats.

Featuring roomy armchairs in aluminium finish with optional wooden blades for easy use. Add the stylish and comfortable feel of interior furnishings to your outdoor space with this conversational tool. Featuring a flat clubstyle with clear contours and subtle bends, this well-done, refined seat range is an aesthetically pleasing addition.

Stools have their own footrests for added comforts.

Ideal for two people with enough space for a drink and a bite to eat. One of the best lifting seat sets on the shelves is here to help you find a high qualitiy seat kit to help you unwind on your terrace, veranda, grass or pool. What would it be like if you enjoyed your early bird mug with unrivalled comforts?

Now, we have something new to tell you that this 3-piece lifting harness kit will take your outdoor rest to a whole new heights. Improve your outdoor surroundings with a high-quality terrace piece of outdoor fun. Lower back and unwind in the 3-part 2-person suite with a boyfriend or relative on a comfortable outfit.

Ideal for all weathers, this all-weather outdoor suite comes with a co-ordinating side desk to relax your beverages, books or decorations. Featuring a contemporary design, this 3-piece 2-person settee is the ideal complement to any veranda, terrace or courtyard. Hello and welcome to relax. Designed to be so stylish and simply felt good (regardless of your physical type) and is the ideal place to get together with your loved ones for refreshment.

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