Plastic Floor Mat

Synthetic floor mat

Pedestal for self-adhesive floor mats. Just tear the mat at the perforation and lay it on the desired carpet surface. Tile pattern printed on vinyl floor mat, PVC carpet. Bring some colour to your outdoor area with this practical and cute plastic floor mat. Here you find manufacturers and suppliers of Plastic floor mats from China.

DIY-floor 1m clear Supa carpet protection PVC-mat

Staggered diamond rip and clear color result in an elegant looking mat that does not interfere with your living or workspace. Its 2.5mm thick PVC fabric gives the mat a light, lightweight surface, making it perfect for use over even bows and small polled mats. It is excellent for carpet protection and is perfect for hallways, walkways, cafes, pubs, snack stations and catering areas in carpeting adjacent to large slide doorways.

2-Year inland guarantee.

OLON floor protectors

Item number: A convenient way under your child's seat at the dinner desk or under the work stool to protect the floor from debris, abrasion and soiling. Translucent so that your carpet or floor is illuminated. Prevents the floor covering from abrasion and soiling. Appropriate for most kinds of floor and shallow weave carpets.

Unsuitable for corkscrew flooring or wood-flooring. When the floor protection remains on the floor for an extended time, a void may develop and cause your floor to be damaged. Therefore raise the soil protection at regularly spaced distances for aeration. When wiping the appliance, use a damp, lint-free towel and a gentle dishwashing liquid or bar of dish liquid.

Rinse off using a damp wipe.

Soil protection made of plastic

Teppichschutz is a must to protect carpets from abrasion, damage, decay, grime and grime while improving freedom of movement and keeping them from sliding. There are different types of rug protection: It is a plastic glue that provides interim security during building work, moving offices and paint work.

Clean vinyl running mats keep the rug free from debris and moisture, especially in entrance areas and corridors, while providing a shine through and increased comfort and freedom of movement. Desktop carpeting mats help keep the rug under the seat from being used and ripped apart as the seat glides over the floor more easily.

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