Playground Safety Mats

Protective mats for playgrounds

The playground flooring can help ensure children's safety when playing, and we offer a variety of rubber mats, mulch and other outdoor playground flooring at affordable prices. Administration of playground equipment . Rubber playground plates also have holes on the bottom, so they fit on almost any surface. Playground mats Safety surfaces for playgrounds are one of the most important factors in reducing the degree of injury in the playground. Enhance child safety with Rubber Toughs Playground Safety Mat.

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Whatever you need, be it soft fall, artificial turf, safety mats, playing devices & lighting fixtures, inspection and even devices and games, you will find it here or at least we can take you where you can get it! Checking the playground helps you ensure that your playground is a safe place to play:

  • Install and service a shock-absorbing finish around the toy. The minimum use is 300 mm grit, shavings, mulch or crushed gum for toys over 500 mm high (the minimum specified in the Australian Standards for Playground Decfacing). You can also use mats (), see 1m x 1m mats. - Install a minimum of 2 meters of protection in all playground direction.

When swinging, make sure that the rear and front surfaces are twice as high as the suspension rod. - Never fasten or allow a child to fasten a rope, skipping rope, clothesline, or pets' line to playground gear; a child may choke on it. - Verify that items such as open S-hooks or projecting screw ends can be dangerous.

  • Look for rooms that can catch a child, such as apertures in railings or between steps; these rooms can cause a child to be hurt. - Verify that there are no sharps or bumps in the unit. - Periodically inspect playing equipments and surfaces to ensure that both are in good working order. - Monitor the toys closely to ensure that they are secure.

REMINDER: It is our duty to make your playground a safer place for children!

Playground Mat Enviro - Bardwell Safety Mat

It is very common in gyms, roofs, balcony, excavation areas and most indoor floorings. Quick and easy to install with minimum knowledge and tooling, the basic colors available are blues, greys, greys and reds, each with iridescent XPDM dots. Peel colors and concentration of XPDM can be enhanced and adapted to customers who need a specific effect.

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