Polka Dot Doormat

Doormat Polka Point

Polka Dots welcome mats in lightfast colours for a long life. The floor mats add a touch of elegance to any entrance. Apply this great doormat to your entrance and turn it into POP! The Polka Point Door Mat is perfect for every door step and a big seller. Accompany your guests with a touch of fun and welcome them through your front door with this red Polka Dot Coir doormat.

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Doormat Polka Point / Customized Doormat / Cute Doormat /

Our range of 18x30 in. mat sized products. At the moment we cannot adjust the welcome mat dimensions. Mat thickness is about 5/8in. Now we offer bigger mat! They are only available in the 24x48 and 24x60 inches as custom-made products.

Twenty-four by 48 is here: The 24x60 is here: MAINTENANCE INFORMATION: Keep your nice hand-painted floor mats in a safe place away from bright rays, rains, snow or anything else! Door mats look good even inside! Slight fluctuations in fibre colour are common and merge over the years.

SPECIAL: We only provide proofing for custom products once the product has been bought. Unfortunately, due to the large number of requests we are receiving, we cannot provide pre-sales proofs. Please insert your enquiry in the box office note section if you would like evidence. If you send directly, we will gladly enclose a postcard.

Simply insert the information into the notepad at the cash register.

Dots Polka Dots Doormat | Coconut Mats

There' s something so easy and yet so stylish about polka dots, is there? It reminds us of the health of our children and yet manages to introduce a classical design feeling. Polka Dot floor mat is made of 100% coir fibres, whitened and imprinted with lightfast colours.

Elegant and practical, the rough fibres of the doormat scratch off debris from the sole of your shoes and keep the interior of your home tidy. Easily cleaned by hoovering or wiping.

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