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Top-of-the-range car floor mats

If you are looking for replacement prestige vehicle mats or want to lift your interior and feel the quality under your feet, you will be thrilled. Customized production of ecological leather floor mats for luxury cars. The CarryBoy is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury car carpets in the automotive industry. High-quality grey finish with high stress, improves the interior design. Floor mats are perfect for keeping your carpets and floors clean.

Unrivalled styling.

Unrivalled styling. Ecological leathers mats annihilate common car accessory clich├ęs. Because of the diversity of the applied material, they will help to extend the limits of indoor decor. Due to its singular texture and without humidity absorption material it is lightfast and easy to clean. The mats are machine washed with a standard damp foam and leave no doubt about their use.

Tailor-made designs for each and every item combine convenience, luxuriousness and sophistication. The diversity of colours and fabrics, seams and custom logo designs is designed to achieve a full sense of coherence in the passenger compartment and create an ambience of integrity and excellence in the vehicle in-car. Lends the mats a singular personality and underlines the elegant look of the end use.

The Alcantara mats represent the importance and flavour of their owners. The diversity of fabrics, seams and colours creates an impressing unit that makes the mats lightfast and fills the inside with the necessary detail. In particular, our staff has taken care of the particularities and weaknesses that engineering and design staff of company mats normally tend to overlook.

It has a specific pattern that repeats the form of the bottom fully, providing thread drag and dirt control. Featuring contemporary luxuries and self-confidence, these carpets meet the needs of driver and passenger alike. Combined with sophisticated designs, these mats meet the requirements of first-class product quality. This is a peculiar blend of luxurious and premium kit that blends the full liner coverage with a lightweight mat care solution.

Combining them gives you plenty of room for the ultimate mesh designs so you can mix and match the boldest idea and solution. There is no question in the uniqueness of this kit's construction that the car's complete bodywork is fully protected. All our products are made to measure, incorporating all the geometrical characteristics of the flooring.

The resulting car floor mats are therefore one-of-a-kind, even with high corrugations that often extend as far as the control board. Stylish seat contours and trim panels mirrored the luxury signatures of the mats. You can embody the boldest and most prominent imaginations in your own personal style that can hardly be replicated. The Diamond Kits extend the limits of convenience and offer a uniquely powerful combination of charme and convenience.

The mats are not only a part of the saloon, they are an eye-catcher and comfortable to move, but a precious feature that creates an ambience of calm and serenity. The effect is obtained by the special material used in the manufacture. Included in the kits price: 30 per cent reduction on roadbags when ordering any set of mats with boot mats.

By the end of this monthly, when you order a kits, you will receive a discount on a ISOFIX custom-designed boot. We are the first and largest manufacturer of eco-leather car mats in Russia. Production of premium sets with default designs lasts 3-4 business days. of production.

As every single item we manufacture is made to order for every individual client, all order requests can be arranged with the personnel managers.

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