Printed Commercial Carpet

Commercial printed carpet

Find manufacturers and suppliers of printed carpets from China. Everything according to international performance standards for commercial applications. BSH's Commercial Walls & Floor Coverings division works with some of the most prestigious public and private customers. News Location?Binzhou Orient Carpet Co.

, Ltd. It is easy to print on and has excellent wearing properties.

Titanium Wool Print Carpets

Our commercial clients told us that they loved our designjet printing capability, but also needed tailor-made carpet design for new multi-family homes in the multi-residential area. Digital color titanium print allows a wide range of carpet design. Standard- or special design can be printed on the fiber, color scheme and color combinations of your choice at prices far below those of conventional carpet fabrics.

One of the main motivations why Titan Digital Color Printing will improve your next interior: Select the carpet ground color, inks, carpet styles, carpet fiber, and printed patterns to make a fully customized carpet. Using a design-driven stamping technique, home decorators, specifiers, architects and building owners can produce totally original carpets by selecting every single facet of the carpet designs.

Broodloom carpet goes through its production to give it a sound ground color, then titanium digital color is used to produce the unmistakable color sample. Print technology is ideal for a subdued, non overwhelming color basis that is perfectly suited for multi-storey homes. Select the carpet fiber that meets the requirements of your commercial projects - 100% wools, 80/20 wools or BCF-nyls.

Ranging from the fire retardancy and resistance of wools to the outstanding color and structure preservation of man-made fibers, select the carpet fiber that best fits your commercial use. Digital Titan Color Printing is available in all carpet types, from chopped to looped, from soft fabric to chopped and any between.

It offers infinite opportunities to toy with design and structure, from the velvety smoothness of a soft fabric to the uniform edgy texture of a sling carpet. Titan's digitally printed technology allows a multitude of samples to be printed on the carpet - from crisper geometrical forms and digitally printed samples to flowing flower motifs and large smooth samples.

These subtleties give the floor a structured, shaded deepness that generates a sense of interest that cannot be reached with a traditionally stepped carpet. Stagnated for impulses for design? Because titanium digital colour printing is particularly suitable for creating naturally designed products, we have created a variety of organically designed possibilities. Choose a theme that does not need the exact fit of the sample.

If you choose a pattern, think about how wideloom carpet designs work from one part to the next. You can choose not only the fiber grade that will give your commercial applications the highest durability, but also uniquely delicate designs (the characteristic Titan Digital Colour Printing style) that can mix and match patches and conceal them, making it perfect for daily use in apartment buildings.

There are no limits to the sample potentials as a design-driven print production area. Featuring home themes that require neutrals and luxury, down-to-earth fabrics, you can consider a woolen and soft fleece carpet with distinctive ornamental repetitions. A BCF vestibule in a cross section with rhythmical line could be more complimentary for a more economic multi-family dwelling.

Being the only wideband carpet printers in Australia, the Titan digital color press provides a level of color and design versatility not found anywhere else on the industry shelves. Offering architect and designer a uniquely high print capability of high value, it gives them a true distinction for customized commercial project floor coverings.

Are you looking for more individual and vibrant colours for your commercial carpet?

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