Printed Entrance Mats

Imprinted entrance mats

Mats Nationwide personalised floor mats with printed logo. High performance entrance mat, designed to withstand heavy step variations and protect your floors. Our mats are all designed to last a long time. You can choose between a printed mat or a mat with a logo cut into it, depending on the design. Printed logo mats and door mats in full colour.

Digital printed, individual logo mats

Featuring the broadest selection of colors and hues, Matrix World provides detailed and in-depth color print for mats with your own signature or trademark print. We have other kinds of logomats that are available with information about them on our website. There is only one limitation: the size of the blanket itself - only the kind of blanket stock can be used for digitally printed blankets, but this kind of blanket is suitable for outstanding picture or branding.

Digitally printed logomats can also be digitally engraved and used in large entrance mats. Please see the information on laser-cut logomats on our website. The customer may provide a logotype and/or art work (in the form of graphic vectors) to be applied to the mats. Appropriate environmentHigh-frequency inputs at which an individual embassy, advertising or logotype is to be presented to the customer.

Advertising Floor Mats & Door Mats Individually Personalised

Printed mats can be used on the bottom of an entrance area, on a sales desk or behind a pub, and if branded, they can be very eye-catching advertising items. Doormats, as a pedestrian entering a shop or facility, will often look down as they open the doors and sense a different touch under their feet, placing the footmats' brands in their line of sight.

If you wipe off your footwear that is either damp or slushy, this carpet will remain in a person's line of sight for longer so that the message of the trademark is not overlooked. A printed pad can be used on a counter to keep the counter areas clear and air conditioned while the barkeepers are working, providing both security and aesthetics.

Visitors sitting at a tavern can see the logo on these articles while watching their beverages being prepared. Brand mats can also help companies sell POS or grocery counter products, and these mats can help consumers select exactly what they want to buy.

Branding can be applied to a checkout and order room of a fast foods outlet to display specific purchases or new articles, and these can tempt consumers to try something different as they are marketing each one. All kinds of printed mats are usually produced with a gum underlay that allows the mats to remain safely in place whether used on a ground, desk or canteen.

The mats run the danger of sliding without the underlay, which can lead to material damages or injury of guests. A printed mat's top coat is reserved or branded, providing a large area for placing brands, logo's or message's. The mat's top coat can be used as a base for the placement of your brand's image. This kind of printing area allows the pictures placed on the mats to be seen by people in remote places or at different corners.

Not only was the floor easy to keep cleaned after placing the mats, but the rooms in the building also became more popular.

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