Printed Floor Mats

Imprinted floor mats

Full colour prints and graphics are available on a variety of floor coverings for trade shows, events and installations. Doormats printed to customer specifications are produced using the colour sublimation process. Individually printed floor mats | Individual exhibition flooring Offering gorgeous full colour prints on a wide array of floor coverings and floor design items for exhibitions, venues, retail, installation and more. The available fabrics vary from fibre-based carpets to durable, rolling, clear and clear vinyl floor coverings. Custom printed floor coverings & floor art available: There are several different types of material available to enable the use of bonded images on rigid floors, carpets, concretes and other commonly used finishes.

For security reasons, the self-adhesive floor diagrams are laminate with non-skid certified surface. You can also have our individual floor plans designed into individual forms to provide an interesting replacement for your existing rectangular floor plans! Terminalx temp graphical floor coverings are a light weight alternatives to other temp roll graphical floor coverings. Finalutex floor is ideal for occasional installation, event, trade fair and other short-term use.

In our colour substance substantiated rug our products consist of a "needle embossing" (feels like thick felt) of non-slip rubberised back side fibres. Dige-sub carpets have a lovely, sleek look with lovely colour "pop". Individually printed, this rug is ideal for exhibitions, conventions and other short- to medium-term applications. Sub dyes are available in stripes up to 5' width and almost any length.

Teppichstreifen with primary colors or abstracted Hintergrunddesigns can be flagged to bigger floor surfaces. To get a more accurate tileability and option (e.g. tiles of a large logotype or detail graphics) we suggest one of our other customized printings. Gl-Floor BILD Graphic is a unique printed floor covering system.

The bottom has printed firm, clear styrofoam so that your printing is never subjected to the rigors of everyday use. Individually printed floor mats are available in various finishes, thickness and colours to help you create the right look for your install. Ideal for wear on exhibition and events floors, these bespoke floor mats are also ideal for fixed applications in car parks, gyms, retailers, institutional settings and more.

The G-Floor BILD Graphic is also used to produce highly resistant, individually printed, sticky floor graphic, movable floor mats and bar mats for all types of advertising campaigns.

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