Printed Mats with Logo

Mats printed with logo

Impressions of WaterHog HD Logo Mat. You' ve read it right: Logo mats are typically printed. The logo is usually printed on the mat using a modern digital printer. Comes in three different materials, create your own custom logo mat or carpet for different applications:

Inside mat dust control - Logo mats Printed logo Standard?

The print features state-of-the-art technologies that enable three-dimensional effect, subtle line and color shades to give each matt its own unique look. Excellent color fidelity is guaranteed according to DIN54006. The BrilliantStep? can also be printed in just one of these 16 colors in order to create a completely color-coordinated system of mats together with the individually printed logo mats.

Used for placing in entrance areas of office buildings, retail outlets, restaurant, food store, bakery, specialist shop. The work of art was delivered within 24hrs. The mat is printed 24 hour after the printing process is approved! You can also send us your print-ready work. The information required to produce a print-ready data set for the user-defined printing mats BrilliantStep is contained in this documentation.

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So the more you can make your company's trademark and logo visible to prospective consumers, the better your business will be. Logomats with the logo of your business are a good and practical way to reach this target. Logo mats are for two purposes: they give staff and consumers the opportunity to clean their hands, and they help increase your company's awareness.

When you have wondered which logo mats you should buy, or even how the ordering procedure works, continue reading. The purpose of this paper is to provide a practical introduction to all things related to logo mats. You' ve made the right reading: logo mats are usually printed. The logo is usually printed on the matt using a modern computer printing machine.

There are some benefits to using it. On the one hand, pictures in photographic printability can be printed on the mats. Digitally printed 3D pictures can also be printed. Your logo mats can really burst with this technique! To bring your company's logo onto the mats, you usually make a picture of your logo available to the mats manufacturer in the form of a text image, which is then sent as a computer text message.

Then the matting firm sent you a digitally printed copy showing what the end result would look like, similar to if you had a printing booklet. As soon as you have approved the evidence, the mats are ready to run. Mats can also be bought on-line. 3D logo mats really make a mark!

It is an alternate logo pad to the classical printed one. Using this technique, coloured parts are put together like a tricky piece to form the logo. Actually the whole thing is quite fascinating: A stitched textured bar - available in different colours - is used to design the logo.

Note that this is not a photographic grade 3-D image delivery like the above one. Inserted mats also allow the use of more robust, long-lasting materials than logo mats in digitally printed printing. This is why these mats are highly recommendable for use outdoors, as they can resist almost any kind of wheather and handling.

Most companies decide to place these mats in front of the front door, in the front desk or in the front area. Do you want these mats to really leave an impact on your customers?

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