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Buying power ensures that you receive the cheapest promotional clothing, brand key rings, printed bags, corporate gifts and giveaways. The Printed Promotional Products website welcomes you. Gifts Corporate Business is one of the UK's leading distributors of printed promotional products and giveaways. Advertising articles are functional, unique articles that are printed with your logo or details. As a supplier of individually printed promotional items in Minneapolis, we are able to offer you a wide range of products.

Product advertising - branded articles, individual and printed

Here we are to help you design your custom products. Advertising articles can be decoratively in different ways - each has different demands on the work of arts. Always looking for the best decoration arts to offer you the best promotions. Styles EPS and AI files - very important!

AI and EPS are very similar and are the kind of decoration choices for most items. Giveaway items are best suited if you use high-resolution'vector graphics' such as EPS and AI data as well. Because we value your trademark and its high-quality presentation on our product, we use these data formats so that there is total coherence between the trademark work we do and the way the designers wanted to reproduce your trademark.

Our aim is to create accurate colors, typefaces and all graphics components - the simplest way is with an EPS or AI data set. You don't have an EPS or AI data base? Finding EPS or AI files: Most logotypes exists (somewhere) in an EPS or AI form (those are forms in which most designers work).

Creation of EPS or AI files: In case you cannot find one of these documents, we will have to re-draw your Bitmap, Jpeg, Tiff or Word documents into an EPS or AI as well. Customers sometimes think that they can easily generate an EPS or AI by ' Save As', which unfortunately does not give the EPS or AI characteristics to the EPS or AI data.

Don't give your non-vector artwork to your IT staff to create an EPS - all they'll do is store it as an EPS or AI document - they'll usually need a few working lessons to store this document, which is still useless, making EPS documents is a task for a designer!

However, we are always happy to provide you with a high-quality EPS or AI data set, but not all of the decorating techniques we use need these data sets. The minimal species data type we need for different decorative styles is very basic here: But there are other decorating techniques we use: dye transfer print, rotogravure print, d├ęcor print, gravure print, embossing and embossing - all these need an EPS or AI to produce high value results on the product you select.

Advertising novelties are best if they have a high-quality decor - we will not give up the best of your promotional gift with bad works of art. PDFs that are a scanned page or other files cannot be used, but more and more PDFs are generated by a designer directly from an EPS or AI document - we can normally use them.

So, if you can't find an EPS or AI but have a DVD, please send us an e-mail - we will open it in our art work utility and see if it can be used instead of an EPS or AI DVD. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask your customer service representative for further information.

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