Printed Rubber Mats

Rubber printed mats

The Jet Print logo mats are perfect for presenting designs in sharp, clear details. The Jet Print Logomats are durable mats that show your logos in crisp, clear details. The Jet Print Logomats are durable mats that show your company image in crisp, clear details. Made with computerized nozzles, these embossed entrance mats offer almost limitless colour combination. ⢠The perfect individual pad for complicated / detailled logotypes.

⢠The dyestuffs are sprayed deeply and durably into the rug� surfaces of the logomat so that they do not "rub off".

⢠⢠Faading, shadowing and delicate line are possible. ⢠These log mats are equipped with rubber backing and side panels to help the mats remain in place and avoid rolling. ⢠Use as many colours as you like. ⢠No cost for art work or furnishing. Please use the field Logos Directions to indicate your own specifications for the positioning and colours of the logos.

PLEASE NOTE: The artist's evidence of the logofoot mats will be sent to you by e-mail for permission prior to publication.

Customised floor mats | Printed floor mats

When wiping your legs with the competitors, welcome new companies and customers with individual door mats and mats. Accomodation for hotel, restaurant and corporate customers uses logos to increase recognition of the brands. Increase your next advertising campaign or equip your offices and various shops with individual doormats. Individual mats are a beloved and appealing way to advertise your product and your shop, often in bright full colour!

Most of these robust mats are suitable for outside use so that your hotels, restaurants or businesses can welcome guests and clientele at your site. Interior mats are also excellent for identification of different areas of retailers selling favourite labels. Designed to protect your floor from the weather, our generous mats strengthen your company and your trademark in a robust, attractive way.

Flaked oil mats are ideal for moderately trafficked areas and provide additional soil conservation and security. Your logotype and your messages are sharp and impressive. We are all used to the classic single-colour welcome mats, but today progressive techniques enable the manufacture of breathtaking full-colour mats, so you can turn your floors into a screen that is sure to attract your company's brand.

The mats provide limitless opportunities for advertising and promotion. Camelot tufted mats provide an exceptional durability and look great with their classical look. They are available with a selection of up to three printing colours and provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to presenting your company name.

From 2 to 6 ft in length and width, you'll find the ideal entry size for your entry area, whether it's a long corridor or a large twin door. See the customisation option for personalised doormats: The customisation option list: Contact us today or call or talk to us on-line and order a customized deck for your business and all your other offices.

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