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2018 WAPS Promotion Calculator

Sorry, this is not an exact evaluation of what you need, it is only as good as the cut-off results of recent years.... and the cut-off results vary from year to year. Nobody can tell what the forthcoming cut-off is because you, the test participant, determine the cut-offs. NCO calculator gives you more than just an estimation of your PDG/SKT.

You can also calculate your EPR points using a Promotion Now, Must Now, Promotion, Promoter, Not-Ready Now, or Do Not Promotion. And if you're interested in statistics, you can also see how your AFSC performs against the Luftwaffe in terms of the Enlisted Forced Distribution Panel. A further great function is the salary increase calculator.

Here you can see how much of an increase you will get if you are chosen for promotion to the next ranking. Similar to the NCO calculator, the SNCO calculator allows you to see what you need for your supervision audit on the basis of the cut-off scores of prior years.

An essential distinction between the two is the SNCO calculator, which graphically displays your AFSC rating. They can see the point spectrum between AFSC Selects, AFSC Non-Selects, Air Force Selects and Air Force Non-Selects. You can use the Boardscore Calculator to either make a fast selection or to rate from a member of the Executive Committee (6. 0 - 10).

Here, SSgt's - MSgt's can see how many Promotes Now, Must Promotes and Promotes have been chosen for their AFSC. It is possible to display either the selection of the Air Force or the AFSC or the non-selection of the AFSC. It only gives you an idea of what your profession and the Luftwaffe average is in the form of values.

To take a more detailed look at the SNCO Board Scores, visit the SNCO Board Score Calculator. Promotion charts are a great way to see the trends of promotion percentage rates over the years. Just choose the ranking you want to display and use the scrolling buttons to limit or extend the years for the graph.

Beside each year, the selection percent for that year is displayed. Please note: For SSgts, the WAPS test was concluded twice a year until 1992 and again in 1995. In order to start, first select between the Air Force of the AFC. It uses the statistics from either the Air Force average or your Air Force Service to select and advance it.

Next, choose a position that you are now. That' s really not so important, all it does is set up the next dropdown menu, the focus menu option AFSC. You should choose which of your AFSCs you are currently in unless you want to use an old version of an old one that you are a member of.

Choose the date you arrived at TAFMSD BoatCamp. Bright beam representing you and deep beam representing Air Force or AFSC. Allows you to choose any Medal you currently have in your VIPF and a grand total will be displayed at the top of the page.

When you have more than one coin, just choose how many units you have and the sum will be updated. Keep in mind that your WAPS test points for medals are a maximum of 25 points. In addition, there is an SRB calculator to find out how high your bonuses could be.

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