Promotional Counter Mats

advertising counter mats

Bar mats are the most effective advertising at the point of sale. Ideal for retail stores, restaurants, car dealerships and beverage promotions. The unique manufacturing process uses high quality polymers and plastics for durable, long-lasting counter tops. The specialist for printed counter mats printed with your logo. Advertising Point-Of-Purchase counter mats.

Low Cost Custom Printed Advertising Counter Mats Australia

You don't have to make your counter look gloomy when you get customized counter mats from Payless Promotions. We can print the advertising messages of your company on our mats. Grab the news and let the Australians know what you're about with a present they'd like to use. These mats are inexpensive, long-lasting and of the highest qualitiy.

If you want an promotional choice that your Australian clients will certainly like, select tailor-made counter mats from Payless Promotions! These mats can be personalized with your own personal brand. All our brand-name goods are inexpensive and of the highest possible standard. Payless Promotions' action counter mats are some of the best things you can offer your clients.

Alternatively, since we only offer you high-quality, tailor-made promotional items, you can also yours! Obtain these personalized mats at an affordable price from Australia's premier manufacturer of promotional printing. People in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney would like to embellish their houses with your mats. Naturally, we must not neglect our buddies in Perth, Adelaide and the whole world.

Bar counter panels are panels (the best!) with your brand mats! We' ll get you your mats quick. With Payless Promotions, you can be confident that what you buy looks great, looks great, and looks high!

Rear mats Individual, personalised and printed Australia

The use of available promotional spaces is in reality what promotional items are all about, whether in the sense of a customer or like counter mats on the floor separating a merchant and his customers. Featuring a full-color imprinted inset or a customized silkscreen print on the topsheet, counter mats provide a highly visible, convenient way to counteract tidiness and organization, and are engineered to decorate a dull salesroom.

Given their visual impact and dimensions, counter mats are a low-cost advertising choice that is widely used by seasoned marketers. Find out how you can contribute to the FreeCall Fresh Promotions campaign on 1800 129 999. Countertop mats can be used in a variety of environments, and these items can work just as well in a company offices as in a retailer.

Counter mats can be used to present promotional activities on a counter in retailing, or as part of the preparation of meals, teas or coffees in an intermission room in the workroom. Counter mats can be valued by several sectors, some of which involve retailing, company bureaus, restaurant or medical and dental practices.

Counter mats can be labelled to display a particular promotional campaign, a new product or services, or they can just display the trademark itself. Kontermatten are usually produced with a gum or gum-like backing to prevent the parts from sliding on the counterplate and with a synthetic plate that makes them easily cleanable and yet hard to break.

Silkscreen is the way to place your logo on counter mats and gives the mark the ability to use a wide range of vibrant colors in your advertising design. For example, a fast-food retailer opted to use counter mats in the checkout area to advertise its latest offers and new groceries.

With the introduction of the use of mats, clients began to be more interested in the offers on the product and this assisted the restaurateur to see which new articles were winning and which clients seemed less interested. Bar mats can be sent in certain quantities at a reasonable price, but these articles can become difficult with bigger quantities.

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