Promotional Floor Mats

Advertising Floor Mats

The Promotional Logo Mats contain our liveliest, most eye-catching logo floor mats that are ideal for advertising, trade show and marketing operations. Promote your automobile company with individually printed floor mats with your advertising logo. Take a look at the floor mats available from Hit. Customised door mats are a cost-effective way to convey your brand message. Choose between individual floor mats with vinyl, rubber or latex backing.

Individual floor mats | Advertising floor mats with company logo

Welcome all your clients in your enterprise with a large floor mats at the doors! Give a sleek note to any home offices or businesses, and it shows that you are proud of your organization. You can also use our mats to equip the edge of certain corridors in your food shop. So, what are you waitin' for, buy some floor mats today at an affordable cost.

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Floor Posters Rubber Embroidery Mats/" title="Floor Posters Rubber Embroidery Mat">Floor Posters Rubber Embroidery Mat

The Promotional Logotype mats contain our liveliest, most eye-catching logotype floor mats that are ideally suited for advertising, exhibition and promotional businesses. Advertising mats have the main purpose of attracting the customer's interest and increasing the value of the brands. Poster flooring Posters Printing Posters are produced using a high-resolution, four-color printing technique and then warmly applied to the floor covering, producing photo-like pictures with breathtaking detail.

Ideally suited for areas with moderate congestion, these mats are perfectly suited for POS programmes, display screens, event booths, exhibitions and brief advertising campaigns. Jet Print High Definition (HD) Logomats use state-of-the-art reproduction techniques to record even the finest detail in any logotype, badge or even image. High-definition logos mats are a must for elaborate/very detailled design.

Premium brand carpet logo mats are elegant upholstered individual entrance mats covered with carpets, the picture of which is embossed into the mats. Produced with the help of computer tilting technologies, these personalised floor mats provide a uniquely toned and long-lasting look. Ideally suited for low to moderate volume areas, mats are ideally suited for POS programmes, display screens, exhibitions, fairs and brief advertising campaigns.

GrandĀ Impressions mats use a digitally printed technique to obtain accurate detail for each individual branding. Designed for works of art with complicated detail. Mesh Nylon Inlay Matting is suitable for damp areas. These logomats' molded vinylic structure works to scratch footwear and eliminate soiling, deposits and excess damp.

A small, detailled squeegee label in the edge of a squeegee matt will help remove dust and deposits while at the same time keep the brand area away from the busy part of the squeegee. High-definition premium carpet logos mats offer the ultimate in detail and clearness on our plushiest carpet logos mats. These high definition carpet logos mats are very efficient for high frequency sites where feature and style are of paramount importance.

custom shape logotype doormats are non-rectangular logormats that are available in different forms and dimensions. Uniquely made to measure, these floor mats provide a durable carpeting finish and a caoutchouc underlay and board. Sublimation mats provide full-surface, photorealistic photo image in photo resolution with almost limitless colour and layout options. The underfloor mats are an excellent choice for advertising mats.

custom logos bars mats are structured vinyls counters mats that can be manufactured in almost any form and reproduce practically any style to further your mark. Distinctive colours, the degree of detail and the individual creation of the logos make sure that these individual arm mats stand out in any area.

Individually shaped, these mats are ideal for any point-of-sale or bar/service area. Moulded Logo Mats are structured mats that can be manufactured in virtually any dimension and form and replicate every style to truly reflect your trademark. Brilliant colours and the degree of adaptation of the moulded synthetic mats will certainly make the matt special in any surroundings.

Individually shaped, these mats are ideal for any checkout area: their durable design leaves a permanent imprint and beautifies any environment. Bottom stickers are a great way to advertise your company name. Print on high-quality, printable 3MĀ® brand vinyls, these floor stickers show your messages in High definition.

Designed for use in points of sale, sales areas, promotional areas, government facilities and more, these floor stickers are ideal for your floor.

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