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For ONABAC - Uniforms and promotional items. Differentiate yourself from the crowd by using our promotional items to advertise your company. advertising equipment The PROMO Gear is your expert for brands and merchandising. Not only do we resell our customers' goods - we live up to our customers' expectations and deliver specific answers. Our refusal to limit ourselves to a single website or catalog means that we can procure and market any conceivable promotional item or marketroduct.

If you need anything else, our sales and design manager can design a custom solution to meet your specific needs.

No more PROMO GEAR costs - we bid more.

Hellere Ideen - Promotional items

Headquartered in Brisbane, which has been offering promotional items throughout the country for over 20 years. Give us a call... we just like talking about promos! Go to your website for more information about our company. On our website you will find a broad selection of locally and internationally produced goods. Our website provides the latest, trendiest and most imaginative promotional items with a touch of the time.

Proud members of the Australian Promotional Products Association (APPA), we adhere to the association's codes of behaviour. We were a founder member of the Global Promotional Products Alliance (GPPA) in 1999. Our contacts with our colleagues in SE Asia, Europe and America enable us to keep in close sync with global developments and play an important part in the process of developing products with our vendors.

JEM Promotional Produkte is able to provide a wide variety of promotional articles and print promotional articles using various techniques of badge making and decorating, which include silk-screening, tampon printing and embroidery brands. Contacting our advisors for proposals and tips on tailor-made promotional articles and giveaways aimed at increasing your company's market profile and integrating them into your advertising campaign.

Low-cost, bespoke merchandising solutions have proved highly efficient in achieving results in your sector and your targeted markets. Select from our uniquely designed and classy company dresses and uniform to keep your employees looking great and represent your company. On our promotional product catalog page you will find our promotional product offering aimed at achieving maximal and durable effect with your customers.

The JEM Werbeartikel celebrates its eighteenth year!

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