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Explore our range of advertising magnets to expand your business. High-strength magnet with a shiny surface that makes them look new year after year. The best selection of refrigerator, car and business card magnets. Business magnets stick around the logo. The most experienced &

cheapest promotional products agency in Australia.

Individual & effective refrigerator magnets from Mister Magnets ®.

Refrigerator magnets, I returned to the customer 10, 11 years later and my refrigerator magnets are still on the machine. If you are going to start your own company then you need to be able to have something that gives you something so that they know how to get in touch with you. It'?s a magnetic device. It's just fine. It'?s a thing of the past. They use it all the time.

Every time they take the milks out of their fridges, our magnets sit there. It' simple with a refrigerator solenoid. Put it on your refrigerator. Especially like an emergency specifically for dental professionals, many folks think first when they have toothaches or something like that.

It is best to use a magnetic device, call and answer the telephone. When something happens, you just turn to the refrigerator and get the call. In addition, review deals and add clients. I' d like to thank Mr. Magnets' partner, to be perfectly frank. It' done miracles for my shop.

And it means I keep getting folks to call, and it means I do recurring jobs. Probably in the restaurants they will want to talk to me about a function or something, but in the pizzeria they are generally only interested in ordering groceries, so a magnetic works much, much better than a visiting pass.

And I think they used more because they like to keep things in the refrigerator, but it's a twofold problem because you get the shop. I' ve seen a bunch of guys calling me from the magnets they were given 12 month ago. In fact, a magnetized object advertises for 24hrs.

I went to a work and the old one was still up on the refrigerator, which was fun. Can' have a better way of promoting. As I said, we've been dealing with Mr. Magnets for five or six years. Well, Mister Magnets, we've been them for 15 years, and I have no need to stop with them now.

It was the best thing I've ever done for my company. I' m running my own company now. Our responsibility is for all kinds of human beings and all their needs, their needs for appearance. In my opinion, refrigerator magnets are really practical because customers like to have our number nearby, so have us in their own cooking area where a lots of women are spending a great deal of our times, it's just by the side of their refrigerator, so it's simple to take out their telephone, cell phones or personal telephones and look for the number and call us to make an arrangement.

Throughout the year we do a great number of activities, be it charity events or workshops or information evenings, so we always distribute our magnets in small show cases when our guests go at the end of the year. In our opinion, those who call us back after having received one of these, could reserve a big occasion for them, like a marriage, a marriage celebration, to have their make-up or make their tack.

Mister magnets are very practical. It is a great way to support a new company, a new brand. Refrigerator magnets are used by Innovation to advertise and sell our showroom. As a refrigerator magnets you have our telephone number and our postal adress directly, and they are usually in a visible eye area.

I would say that they will simply place it right next to their refrigerator or in an offi ce or anywhere in sight of a home where they can always have simple accessibility to them. I actually went to give a customer a new refrigerator solenoid, but they actually said it to me... they were actually rejected because they still have our genuine magnets from 10, 15 years ago.

During our first trip we give our customers a refrigerator magnets. Also we make a mailbox where we give you a refrigerator magnets directly at your home. Well, Mister Magnets, we've been them for 15 years, and I have no need to stop with them now. Our magnets are our favorites.

Customers like our magnets, and so do children. We have almost 40 employees between the 3 surgeries, so it's a pretty big surgery. Well, refrigerator magnets are a pretty easy way of promoting ourselves. Lots of folks like to have the refrigerator magnets on the refrigerator.

We have a very simply styled magnets, with only our logotype and number. It is the goal of this redesign and the goal of why we use the refrigerator magnets is for humans that it is an immediate recognizing of our logos and a easy thing just to capture the number.

They don't have to go to their telephones, they don't have to look up on-line, go through telephone books and so on, looking for our telephone number. I have about 4 of them on my refrigerator at home, and I'm sure there are folks out there who have the same.

I am 100% confident that humans will keep the magnets safe. They' ve brought them together up there with those who have gathered them on public holiday and so on, but it is in their faces. Our magnets are there every goddamn moment they take the cream out of their fridges, so it's really good.

We have used in the past, we have used other magnets, and we have found that the magnets have fallen apart. I have had a Mister Magnetic Refrigerator Magnets on my refrigerator at home for many years, and it still looks as good as it did 5 or 6 years ago, so I was very lucky.

In the beginning, when we began, we received some tips on magnetic size and some other hints and qualities. Our advertising magnets are all provided with a high-gloss protection foil that makes them look new again and again and at the same time advertises your shop year after year. There is a large selection of advertising magnets, such as postcard magnets, sports and fixing magnets, information magnets, important number magnets and DL magnets.

Our magnets' top class qualities are important because they directly reflect the qualities of our customers' shops. Advertising magnets are usually attached to the fridge or file cupboard and always show your brands and shop items in an area that is visited several times daily.

Magnets are stored because they are practical and useful, i.e. they can store invitation letters, shopping list and newsletter in the refrigerator. Refrigerator magnets will always give you the greatest boost for your money at a fraction ofthe cost of another promotional product.

And the most efficient way to distribute your advertising magnets is to drop them into mailboxes, measure them, add them to your month account, and send them to your lucky clients so they can contact their boyfriends and families. When you have a shop, it is also a good Idea to place your advertising magnets on the sales desk so that your customer flow in the shop can easily take one. more... less...

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