Promotional Notebooks

advertising notebooks

The Cubic Promote range includes a wide variety of promotional notebooks, which can be customised with your logo or slogan. Distribute notebooks and notebooks to employees who can use them in meetings, or offer branded notebooks to customers to remind them of your company long after they visit. Advertising notebooks and magazines help your customers write down their important things. Would you like printed notebooks with a pen, page markers, ruler, all the above? Advertising notebooks that offer everything!

Advertising notebooks | Brand notebooks

The Cubic Promote offers a wide variety of promotional notebooks, which we customize with your own individual company name, company name, company name, company name, company name, etc. One of the most sought-after items we offer is our notebooks. Add to the thousand of other companies that are enjoying a stunning presence thanks to Cubic Promote's wide selection of notebooks and notebooks.

Featuring quick shipping and our award-winning services, there's no need to order your individual notebooks anywhere else. Where is the difference between notebooks and pads? Laptops are small, vertical notebooks with lined pages for noting. Notebooks, on the other side, are slightly tied to the edges of the papers and have pages that are easier to take off.

The Cubic Promote offers both types, each with its own individual style. Are you unsure whether your promotion will require a laptop or a block, please feel free to ask our distribution staff for more information about the available choices. You can also take a look at our vast selection below: Unsurprisingly, the best-selling promotional laptop size is A4 and A4.

Both of these dimensions are ideal for most events, as well as the use of promotional notebooks as gifts at conventions, student events, exhibits, fairs, exhibitions, companies, events and conventions. Laptops and note pads are available in two different shapes. As a rule, the most common page numbers are 25 pages, 40 pages, 50 pages or 100 pages.

Each page is printed with your own personal logo and graphic in one or more colours. Thanks to their solid appearance, these notebooks allow your front side logo. Some pages can be individually labelled, but only for special productions in large amounts. Our presentation blocks are supplied with high grade standards compliant papers in either opaque colours or creme, but we can also supply notebooks with recycling papers.

Alternatively, if your organization is environmentally conscious or just wants a more environmentally responsible choice of products, let us know when you place your order and we can organize a recycle options for notepaper.

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