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We offer a comprehensive portfolio of creative metal packaging designs that offer functionality and visual impact to help marketers win the battle on the shelf. We offer repackaging, multiple packaging and manual packaging for all your advertising and promotional needs. Obtain individual boxes for promotional packaging in small quantities in various formats that are quick, affordable and easy to personalize with variable data. No one has more creative solutions than YES when it comes to promotional packaging, individual corrugated boxes and inverted packaging. Sales strengthens marketing promotion campaigns.

Advertising and gift packaging, Craftpak, Brisbane

All our product is made in Australia at our facility in Clontarf, Brisbane Queensland. Additionally to Craftpak's off-the-shelf inventory of gifts packs, consumers can choose from a wide variety of cut shapes for extra size without set-up cost, while Craftpak's customized making and film print service can meet unique consumer needs.

Briefly, our goal at Croppak is to offer all-round packaging at reasonable cost and in volumes that meet the needs of a broad range of customers. Closing time for cancellations is 12 noon on Friday 21 December 2018 and 8 noon on Monday 14 January 2019.

Astonishing promotional packaging for your product

Presenting a particular item is very important. Really interesting ones include features with graphic and motif similar to another thing. Let's take these grocery store cases for example. These boxes and glasses for honeys are another nice example of packaging that resembles or indicates something completely different.

African whiskers or no whiskers? Suspended teabags. Presenting teabags in this packaging style is great. That special packaging as a promotional item for Ford automobiles is quite fun. Instead of just charging wooden blocks, they actually charge matchsticks for their pick-up trucks!

Advertising packaging crown

We offer a comprehensive range of innovative metallic packaging design solutions that offer functional and visually appealing solutions to help sellers compete on the shelves. Ranging from biscuit jars for wholesalers to whisky packaging - quadratic décor jars add a hint of stylish refinement to your packaging. Toys wrappers, deluxe wrappers and even imaginative grocery wrappers may not be squared, but that doesn't mean they can't be rectangle.

At times less is more, and Crown's seemless choices give everything from cutting edge alcoholic packaging to sweets or cookie jars a clear, clear and stylish look. Ranging from wide, flat cans for sweets and cookies to high packaging for special wine, beer and spirit - round décor cans set themselves apart on the sales shelf and lend the packaging elegance.

Find out how our round boxes can highlight your trademark. Omni-directional ornamental boxes, similar to our round boxes, provide a greater visual area for merchandising and are particularly suitable for high-end packaging, adding a touch of class to the box. It is a case of more pages for some imaginative packaging concepts, the better!

It is easy for a brand to stand out from the crowded bookshelf environment when placed in a different shape than the competition. With Crown's HoloCrown?, the world''s leading manufacturer of high quality film, brand names can draw consumers' eye to promotional packaging and place items on the salesboard. For the first time in metallic packaging, this method allows the direct embossing of embossed pictures onto decorated cans, attracting consumers' interest and minimising the risks of counterfeit cans.

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