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Place your logo on logo rulers and your customers and students will keep an eye on you. Purchase advertising rulers from Team at Zest. Rulers and printed scales have a great advantage over other promotional items. Doctoral rulers enable you to achieve a measurable brand presence. Have a look at our selection of wood and plastic rulers or design your own.

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Straightedges are an advertising novelty, which only few others can do justice to! We offer a wide variety of branded rulers, from inexpensive promo rulers to scale drawers. All the rulers you see below are calculated with a 1-colour printing as default - most can be multi-coloured - just ask: Our employees are prepared and wait for your call, so what are you waitin' for?

If you are browsing through our galleries, please be aware that the prices include the base equipment and the furnishing costs. To see the prices of Promotional Ruler just click on the pictures below to see the costs and other useful information. Cheap rulers supplied Australia Large FAST: Proud to offer high value Australian goods and services and the best value - see more about our great warranty value below.

NOW CALL OUR SERVICE HOTLINE AT 1300 303 717! Any charges you see on this website, as well as true-to-scale rulers, shall incorporate setup charges as applicable and simple color printing or engraving decor. We at Promotion Products believe in providing our esteemed clients with a value that is easily understood.

You will see that the price includes a 1-colour printing and the installation of the printed advertising ruler - do not sum up the installation fee!.... Support as standard: For us, providing our customers with the best possible services is a matter of course. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to buy promotional items - we can help you choose the right products, with your logo and then twist the arm of our head of manufacturing to bring them to you earlier.

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There' re bends and there' s straights. There will never be another way to create a line than using a straightedge. As the constructed environment around us changes, these straightforward liberators of reality will never be replaced. Every bureau has someone who has a favorite straightedge he guards with his belly.

An easy promotional item that can be priced at just a few bucks to gain so much emotion is a guide to the category of item that should be taken into consideration by anyone who markets an agency setting. Manufactured from metals, timber or plastics, the basic use of a straight edge is the same.

Because of their form, they have room for comprehensive brand-ing. There is a promotional straightedge for every budgeting and brand option from monochrome tampon printing to full-color digitally printing. Each is a potentially goal for a high end, individually imprinted straightedge. In order to listen to it directly from a FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 lineal advisor.

The rulers have a useful place in the home, at work or in the schoolroom, and these can be used by people of all age and profession. Wrapping on a useful object, such as a straightedge, is more likely not only to be seen, but also to be recognized by the recipient in a very useful way, making these items an ideal choice in the search for efficient promotional items.

For those in the educational sector, building trade, joinery or company offices, a straight edge is a great way to market your trademark, and it can be used as a stand-alone present or as part of a complete promotional pack. Once a trademark has an advertising slogan, it can also convey an important statement to its recipient that both comfort and good value are important to them.

Advertising rulers are usually cheap articles, and they can be used in merchandising by brand owners of all shapes and sizes without worrying about exceeding a merchandising envelope. Through the use of an affordable promotional product, such as a straight edge, a trademark can reach an optimal presence at a cost that it can even pay for itself when widely distributed.

Lasers are an outstanding choice for architectural and architectural interiors, and these rulers are also perfect promotional gifts because of their high-quality structure and aesthetics. The printing area is the area on the object in which the logo is placed, and regardless of the form or dimension of the template, this area is always placed in the most strategic places.

The laser etching, tampon or silk screening creates the mark on each straight edge, and the kind of etching that best suits a given item is dictated by the material used in its production. A company of architects and designers had talented staff with brand rulers that they could use when working in the sales force with customers.

Receivers liked having the high-quality rulers at their fingertips and felt that it gave them a more sophisticated look when working with their customers at home or in the office.

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