Promotional Towels

advertising towels

Rallies, beach towels and golf towels are fantastic canvases for your brand logo. Here you will find the right one to make the perfect promotional gift. Our styles include successful promotional items that outdoor enthusiasts will love, golf towels, beach towels, towels and bath towels. Purchase personalized towels for your active and beach-loving customers. Lowest prices guaranteed for beach towels, golf towels and rally towels.

Advertising beach sheets | Individual and branded options

The beach towel printed with your advertising slogan is a very effective company gift or promotional item. We' ve chosen the best towels available in Australia for sale - all at great retail rates. Each of these promotional beach sheets can be provided with your company or brand name. Premier quality options for your promotion:

Please take a look at our new finned hand Towel - the highest grade brand-name hand Towel on the market - for a small charge sample can be put together. To see these wipes fully calculated, follow the picture link below along with the color option - in most areas shipping will take place within 2 week.

Golf towels: Please click here. When it comes to the cost of towels with the same or similar logos, we won't be defeated - just ask us. Towels suited for the beaches are a good way to strengthen a brand image. Every advertising product that has a feature is used again and again by your customer.

Everybody uses towels on a day-to-day base, so they are an great place to advertise. Select between the high-quality ribbed or eco-wholesale cloths as a high-quality company gift or select a cheaper alternative such as the travelling or training cloth. We' ve calculated each promotional beach towel to have a decorative design - you can select between stitching or print, just let us know if we need to offer you your favourite choice.

Advertising Towels Individual Personalized Australia

Be it on the shore, in the swimming pools or as part of a sport kits for a training or gym effort, an individual brand hand Towel is an article that no one can reject and for which we all have a real love. Individual towels are tried and tested gifts, no mater in which field you are active.

Now call Fresh Promotions to talk about your brand-name requirements with a competent advisor and learn how you can customize a high-quality piece of premium grade organic fabric or absorptive gym cloth for your own promotional use. Towels are very eye-catching, whether for use outside or at home. Often, when a visitor goes to a shore, sea or swimming pools, it is the towels of other guests that they will remember as they stroll through the area, and even those towels can be found or identified by their own choice as they meet with a friend in such an area.

Bringing a brand to a handtowel is an intelligent way of promoting yourself to many different markets, and the sports equipment industry can easily target its target audience by putting its brand on a high-quality one. Advertising towels are not restricted to large outside or bath towels, and smaller towels may also be labelled to suit different purposes.

Lower cost hand Towel choices even allow for maximal market opportunities at a cost that fits every household size. Microfibre, cottons, fabrics, and velours are just a few of the choices a label has to make, and size can vary from large towels for two or more grown-ups to small towels that sit neatly on a washbasin.

Inflatable towels are available for simple deployment and amusing activities for the recipient. Full-color digitally printed or silkscreen printed is available to place the badge on any hand towel, either of which allows you to show off extraordinary colors and vibrancy. Because of the large selection of rich colors that these processes can produce, the messages or logos of a particular make will be distinguished by the amount of wash and heavy use on the cloth.

Towels were not only branded, but also patterned to match the bathing suit, and should only be marketed with the bathing suits. Handtowels are easy to pack, and they stay light in large quantities so that they can be sent inexpensively.

They can also be stored in a rucksack, carrier case or simple transport case for manual use.

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