Protective Matting

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Securing floors with rubber mats can help to prevent natural wear and tear and impact-related abrasion on floors. ESD protection mat. Designed to conduct static electricity from workers to protect them from static shock and to protect equipment. Durable protection and support for livestock and horses. Find out more.

Mats for industrial and general purposes.

Protection mats keep your floor and your wallet safe!

Securing flooring with protective mats can help to avoid normal abrasion and impact-related abrasion of flooring. Due to the shock -absorbing properties of rubbers, a protective ground blanket serves as a cushion-shaped gap between the ground and other items. Altogether a blanket is an economical, extremely portable and long-lasting capital expenditure, which prevents expensive repairs.

The use of gum matting in particularly shock-sensitive and wear-resistant areas would be of great advantage for certain specific use. These are some examples of uses that might require a robust, rubberized ground mat: As with any other type of surface, consistent abrasion and deterioration in combination with intervening conditions such as moisture can cause easy deformation of hardened soils.

Areas such as corridors and entrance areas, which are heavily frequented, are at risk of damaging the ground, especially if carpeting, wooden or laminated surfaces are present. Placing coverings at such locations reduces the incidence or at least gravity of abrasion damages to surfaces. Double functional elastic matting provides excellent grip under the feet, even in damp or damp environments.

Intermittent protective flooring is inexpensive, simple to lay and a good way to protect your flooring for seasonally use. Every time concentrations of mass are absorbed and allowed to fall, there is a chance that something will be harmed, namely the soil. This is why home and professional health centres place protective mats wherever loads are raised or other heavier machines are used.

Waterproof and mould proof, these are important hygiene characteristics to counter possible problems caused by perspiration. Elastic mat and runner are often used for marriages, congresses and gastronomic occasions. Protecting with blankets decreases the likelihood of adhesion cost caused by damage to the floor of a leased installation.

Wall-to-wall carpets or floor matting can also be used as a visible barrier to sidewalks. These types of protective matting are a good way of keeping masses of people away from rooms that need to be locked. Practical jobs such as working wood, soldering and pottering demand a variety of instruments and devices which a tradesman needs to fulfil his work.

Difficult or not, such items represent a danger to the underlying soil if incorrectly handled and allowed to fall. An elastic pad acts as a protective layer between the ground and all parts of the air, and protects both the tooling and the ground from major damages. Mats also serve as an anti-fatigue interface for placing your foot on the ground, a nice addition to an already functioning mats.

Protective foot matting acts as a damper that can provide protection for almost any type of use. According to the intended use, the foam pad has several different properties such as anti-skid and padding. Elastic coverings as temp coverings can prevent expensive ground repair and stay permanent due to heavy wear and tear and weathering.

Gummimatten and floor coverings do not only save your floor, but also your purse!

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