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An extensive range of carpets and carpet tiles for indoor and outdoor use, for household, trade, exhibitions, shipping and the automotive industry. We have done research on non-toxic, natural carpets and found three safe brands that we can recommend: Here you will find all types of flooring, including parquet, carpet, laminate, vinyl and tile floors. Search all carpets to begin your purchase journey.

Carpet galery for all floors

Like our private customer franchise, Allfloors Contract is a customer-oriented franchise. In this way we can concentrate on the needs of our customers. A further decisive benefit of our company is the very personally attitude of our people. At Jarrod, we maintain strong relations with every supervisor, with whom we work individually.

In this way, we can exactly comprehend what is needed for each and every job. Carpets for new and renovated offices are a very important part of our shop. Our ability to lay 1500 square metres of carpet in three working day's time and to work around the clock when needed to keep to tight schedules.

Homepage - Bendigo floor and house

The Bendigo Fl oor and Home Centre offers a comprehensive retail environment. Buying your new floors or walls will be a real treat, not an obligation! Our aim is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase today, but above all that you are 100% satisfied with it even years later.

That is why we take the necessary moments to make sure that you make the right choices, thanks to the know-how you have acquired by going to our shop and speaking with the people. In the Bendigo Floor and Home Centre, "More than just a floor" is not just a slogan - it's our pledge! We are also part of the largest brands in the field of floor coverings - Carpet One and The Tile People.

As we know, selecting the best soil for your tastes, subject and applications can be a tough one. That' s why we take the liberty of guiding you through the labyrinth. We have been in the carpet market for over 40 years. As a trainee, Stewart began buying carpets in the 1970s and has been working in the carpet trade ever since.

With over 27 years experience as a carpet and wallcovering expert, what we do not know about carpets, tiles, vinyls and floating floors is not new. We really have floors in our veins. For us it is more than a career - it is our passions and our lives.

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