Purple door Mat

Violet Door Mat

Lilac & Green Long Lavender Doormat by Doormat Designs. Go get it now or find more floor mats at Temple & Webster. Purchase violet mats & door mats online! Aquashield floor mats absorb water and scratch dirt, mud, sand and snow from shoes and paws to keep your entrance clean and dry. This multifunctional floor mat is not only safe outdoors, but can also be used as an indoor floor covering.

Lilac & Green Long Lavender Doormat

We have the floor mat from French-inspired refinement to contemporary Australia styling to help you stylize your home from the outside in. Our floor mat line comprises a wide variety of different types and shapes of mats, as well as different types of mats. On your way through the yard you will find pieces of metal and wooden furnishings and accessoires such as designers' elastic boot, clog and coconut-bag.

Recently we have added a new series of gardens from Holland. More than 20 years of household product manufacturing expertise has enabled us to continually change our design and add new product lines to our product line.

Violet "Welcome" Doormat

20-50% discount on the sales offers for Christmas decoration, Christmas tree and sales after holidays for some funny articles! Clean with a tube or hoover for dust and clean with a carpets detergent for stains. Ever searched for the ideal Welcome Mat and never found one that was just great? Now, we have produced the Welcome mat in our favourite colour and think it would be the ideal complement to your front door.

We deliver to the USA, Australia, Canada, Europe (all countries include Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom), Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa and South Korea.

Violet Kitchen Door Mats & Doormats

Appropriate for use in the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, doors, interior doors, kitchens, etc., enjoy various comforts. Wooden floor mat with painted cuisine. Fabric: coralline velvet Size: 1.31 feet x 1.97 feet (40 x 60 cm) 1.47 feet x 3.94 feet (45 x 120 cm). Fabrics: Front: High-quality smooth Flanellaterial; back: Antislip elastic. Flexible elastic fabric, well suited for absorbing moisture, accumulates powder, non-slip, quick drying, flexible handle.

Can be used in the front door, in the ground door, in the kitchen, shower room, bath room, bedroom as well as in the sitting-room. Can be used in the cooking area, at the entry or near the shelf.

Housekeeping Bathroom Coral Velvet Rectangle Carpet Floor Mat Purple 60 x 40cm

Stylish finish for absorbing moisture, non-slip, keeps your surfaces cleaner. Suited to be placed next to your front door, bath or kitchen door. With a well-placed mat you can prevent soil, sludge, stains and/or splashes of moisture from being traced or spilt on the house surfaces. Colours available: Pink, Purple, Light yellow, Light brown, Grey, Blue, Coffee colour.

Please note that the colors of the actual objects will differ slightly from those of the images due to some different things, such as different screens and different lighting conditions.

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