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Outdoor advertising mats are absolutely durable and long-lasting. Search no further than Quality Mats, Inc. At QMI we specialise in the rental of mats, dust mops, towels, bath products and bed linen for every business need. High quality mats collect dirt and water and catch it in the fabric so that we can take care of it later. Articles about Quality Mats Inc.


QMI doormats keep your doors dirty and dusty. Our services are offered every week to make a good impression on your clients.... The QMI range includes a large selection of hand sheets for your employees and clients. Our focus on quality means you always get a neat and high-quality hand towel. Our products are designed to meet the highest quality standards. The QMI range includes a large selection of pug and pug for every need.

Our stock is constantly updated to provide you with the best possible quality. The QMI range includes a large selection of kitchens, waitresses and cooking skirts. We' re constantly improving our stock to make your people look good. The QMI range includes a large selection of bath accessories. Our services are provided every week to ensure that you never run out of products and that your baths never stink.

The MATS INC. range of collection, accessories and more

Massachusetts -based Mats Inc. is a private company with operations in Massachusetts, Georgia and Nevada, and U.S. operations. Mats Inc. has been providing high-quality marketed mat and floor covering products for more than 45 years, and our clients demand the best from us: award-winning design, low inventory and superior customer support.

Mats Inc. is trusted by our clients for functionality, aesthetics and environmental innovation in three key areas of business: Entry systems, mat and special wares, sports floors and contract floors. Much of our carpet has won awards for its styling, its integration into a large scale architectural scheme or its environmental friendliness.

Awards for Environmental Achievement and Healthcare and Education Design von der Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership für Fußbodengitter der Pro Track Series und Panorama-Gummifliesen. DESIGN? Award from the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies and the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design for Debolon vinyls and PURline botanical rollers and PURline Elements botanical boards and flooring.

Design Excellence (ADEX) awarded by Design Journal Magazine for Floorazzo terrace panels and panorama rubbers ? This year' Most Sustainability and Architect's Choice Awards is a joint initiative of FacilityCare Magazine and the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo for polyureline bottle reels. The interior innovation prize 2014 from the German Design Council for polyureline bottle reels.

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