Rainbow Custom Logo Mats

Individual Rainbow Logo Mats

Check out Rainbow Custom Logo Mats location, sales, industry and description. Logomats enable printing or weaving of colors, images and words, including company logs on mats. Logomats are not only intended for the representation of a company name or trademark image. Exceptional and unusual, unique, individually printed carpets. Custom Rainbow Logo Mats, Dalton, Georgia.

Logo Rainbo Mat

Rainbo Logo is a great all round interior mats. The rubber underlay gives the mats a long service time. Place your name or logo in a distinctive place. It uses a complete dyeing cycle to produce the logo. This logo will never fade. Invest inexpensively in a Rightway logo carpet and save your flooring and carpeting.

Grab complex themes with gradation, shadowing, and accentuation in tens of bright colours. It is a great entry matt for Pantone colour match. Select an infinite number of colours per matt from a range of 190 default colours and an expanded colour range of over 100 colours. Styling and colours set sustainable accents in highly frequented areas such as gateways,obbies, receptions and counter areas.

Additionally to the default dimensions for your entry mats you can select your dimensions up to 10 cm width and 10 cm long. Default dimensions are 3? 4? and 3 4? 5? for individual and 4? 6 and 3 8 6? and 8 8 8 for twin door. The Rainbo pad is a good option for your logo pad.

They have almost limitless possibilities. Incoming mats are produced using a high-temperature method in which the total length of the mesh shrinks by 3-5%. As an example, a 3? x 4 carpet is usually completed at 33? x 44? and not at exactly 36? x 48?. We recommend suction, suction, clean or hose and drying suspension for this mats.

When properly cared for, these Walk-Off mats will show your logo for years. The mats are washable for commercial purposes. The mats keep their weights in mud and rain! Testing has shown that mats collect up to 70% of the debris before they enter the shed. Learn more about Rainbo mats from Rightway.

Please call us at 1-800-637-0938 to talk about adjusting your Fantone colours and other custom features such as sizes, colours, frames and backgrounds. If you order logo mats, we will supply you with a verification of your camera-ready mats. The Rainbo mats are very detailled and need at least 400 dots per inch in PDF, EPS or JPG format.

Colours shown on the screen bibliography or work of art may not exactly represent the real colours.

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