Recessed Entry Mat

Countersunk entrance mat

Options for recessed mats include Super Berber mats, cocoa mats, modular mat tiles, rollstock and metal mesh mats. Deepened Ultra Entry roll mat. Areas with high traffic volumes require special entrance mat solutions such as recessed mats, cocoa mats and barbecue systems. The Gateway Solid Back (SB) is the perfect flooring solution for applications that require an entrance mat system but do not have a recessed mat. The physical properties of entrance mats*.

Aluminum built-in entry mat for the lobby, wiping stripes for carpets removes dust and humidity from arriving pedestrians | Architectural and industrial floor coverings

Entry mat system for busy sites. Entry mat that prevents the ingress of decay and humidity into the shed. Business premises, malls, aerodromes, colleges, hospitals, hotel, nursing homes for the elderly, highly frequented doorways. Low -cost aluminum built-in entry mat for indoor use. Embedded aluminum floor mat type TyPes:

6063 T5 aluminum, clear anodized. 3,5LM length, width: no limitation, 9mm thickness (aluminium section + pad ), 13,5mm thickness (aluminium section + pad + carpeting). In 9-10mm frames well mount / settle. Intermeshing aluminum. Framed shaft system (outer circumference): 6063 T5 aluminum, clear anodized. 3,5LM length. The circumferential framework is attached to the circumference of the stepped/straight framework or can be attached directly to the mat as an option.

Sound absorbing elastic film. Please note: The locking system allows simple disassembly (lifting from the mounted recess) for maintenance use. Economic, high-quality, economic aluminum entry mat system. On the basis of a 3.5LM order size requirement and a 1.0LM section or 3.5QM section. Contains: Aluminum section (27x3. 5 lm length), carpeted strips (27x3.5 lm length), gum underlay, aluminum frames (3x3.0 lm length).

Notice: MOQ of 3.5LMX1. 0LM can be used to make multiple meshes (additional frames). Built-in aluminum entry mat system with circumferential framework. Reindeer, auburn, gray rug wiping stripe option for aluminum-based recessed entryways. Lateral side without border frames. Admission mat Exterior circumference Framing system: Material:

6063 T5 aluminum, clear anodized. Mounted on the circumference of the casing or mounted directly on the mat as an option. Please note: Delivery with mat.

deepened Grillmatten

There is a wide range of recessed meshes and inserted mattresses. The recessed mat is "inserted" into the base and is level with the ambient base. An awesome first line of defence, sunken blankets catch debris, deposits and humidity before they can be traced inside. No matter whether you want to fill a gap with a new mat or a removable gap, we have the right option for you.

The recessed mat option includes Super Berber mat, Chocolate mat, modulare mat tile, rolled fabric and metallic mesh mat. Please contact our experts for ground meshes. Embedded mesh panels blend heavy-duty aluminium tracks with a wide range of inserts that allow debris and moisture to drop through the mat instead of staying on top.

Superb Berber built-in matting is a high performance, durable carpet whose rough fibres work well in high volume areas such as offices, homes, school and hospital use. - Superb Brush Mat are commercially available man-made chocolate pads that are well adapted to high frequency areas as they can absorb large quantities of soil, dust and mist.

Cocoa built-in matting consists of rigid and elastic coir fibres which serve as a scrubbing brush on the sole of the shoe. Superb Rib Built-in Matting is a long-lasting mat with a high depth finish that efficiently eliminates debris and moisture in the most frequented areas. - Superb ribbed meshes are available up to a width of 13' 2".

  • Able to fill between 3/8" and 7/16" recessed recycle rubber tyres, are made from recycle lorry and aircraft tyres for long life use. - 4 Waterhog Tile Design in 1/4" and 7/16" thickness. - Rubberized knobs. The Ultra Entry built-in roll mat is a high load capacity entry mat developed for use in niches and from side to side in high frequency indoor and outdoor areas.

Waterhog Premier Roll recessed roll floor coverings are elegant fishbone entry coverings ideally suited for medium to high impact interior and exterior use. Carpeted ridge installation floor coverings are a great choice for installation in regular installation areas where the cut-out must not be square. Pyramidal rubber blankets are intended for high frequency mesh application where the highest priorities are given to traceability and longevity.

  • Made of high quality gum for highest skid-proofness. - Available for flush and wall mounted use. Composed of commercially available elastomeric material, cushioned recessed matting has a structured finish for additional slits for additional draining and pulling to efficiently clean away soil, deposits, snow and salt, especially outdoors. - These durable vinyls have a structured finish for superb grip, draining and ventilation.
  • Can fill 3/8 " to 5/8" notches - The Z-Web finish removes dust and moisture falling through the mat. - Commercially available styling, perfect for high frequency recessed inlets. - Ideally suited for tough use both inside and outside in any climatic conditions. The Low Profile Elastic Mat is a high performance recessed elastic mat with a rugged Elastic mat construction that removes dust, mud, snow and salt efficiently, especially outdoors.
  • Can fill gaps between 5/16" and 1/2".

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