Recycled Rubber Flooring

Re-cycled rubber floor covering

To date, millions of square meters of recycled rubber flooring have been produced. The rubber floor coverings supplied are fully recyclable. Re-cycled rubber floors are desirable as they offer excellent long-term stability. Re-cycled rubber flooring is a term that covers a wide range of floor coverings that use rubber from scrap tyres as part of their product. The Everlast rubber floor offers exceptional ergonomics, safety and acoustic benefits.

everroll®- Regupol Australia

Both Regupol® and Everroll® are world-renowned and market-leading trademarks that are systematically used in top-class building applications around the globe. The Regupol® is the first and still the highest grade recycled rubber in the industry. In the 1960s, this name developed an awareness of the need to protect the environment from tire debris and created what we now know as Regupol®.

The Regupol® has reinvented itself in many different types of end uses, as well as in many different types of use. Predictive thought and high-quality production in Germany have paved the way for recycled materials around the entire planet. Regupol® is used to produce rollers, slabs, floor slabs, floor slabs and shaped parts. Our range of solutions covers the whole planet in many areas of application.everroll® is different...this solution has been developed by itself to meet the demands of consumers.

Prior to the move towards sustainability, our clients wanted a rubber base that was robust, long-lasting, non-slip and good looking. Established in Australia 20 years ago, immerroll® rubber flooring has proved its worth in the flooring business. immerroll® is made from high grade recycled rubber and EPDM granules bonded with Polyurethan.

Neverroll® rubber floorcovering collections are independent of Good Environment Choice Australia and environmentally approved. Neverroll® is available in seven (7) different colour palettes, with a choice of 43 or more. Neverroll® floorcoverings are homogeneous, have no wearing surface and are PVC-free.

Neverroll® is a continuously developing range of construction equipment that expands its range of application in the following areas of the construction industry. More information about everroll® for fitness, sports and recreation can be found here.

everroll® recycled rubber floorcoverings

Everroll® is a recognized trademark in the trade, retailing, sports, educational, building and recreation sectors. Neverroll® is a line of rubber flooring color combination with high recycled rubber contents and select end user rubber grades. Neverroll® provides more than just a high ecological premium offering architect and designer with other lasting advantages such as longevity, acoustic performance, skid protection, modularity, aesthetics and convenience.

Neverroll® is used in gyms, public baths, office space, business premises, communal centers, library facilities, Green Star facilities, retailers, marine, childcare, industry, healthcare, geriatric homes, school and club environments. Neverroll® products are available in 4mm thick and in a select selection of 8mm thick combination for high shock areas.

Products are produced in coils and customized module plates are available. Special colors and thicknesses are available on demand. The Regupol (Australia) Pty Limited Corporation has been providing recycled flooring in the area for over 25 years.

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