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Carpets have many different fibre varieties and carpet varieties to chose from. Find out more about why carpet is a good option for your home floor. A wide range of rugs, designs and colours are available to suit any individual taste and decor. The padded carpet is less loud to step on than a rigid floor covering and absorb noise.

Carpet is one of the most cost-effective floor coverings to be laid when it comes to affordable pricing. Carpet's insulation qualities ensure extra heat under the feet during the winter months. Carpeting is a non-slip finish that is secure to walk on and provides a padding that prevents fracture if sensitive objects are unintentionally dropped. Ideal for use on the floor or on the floor. The majority of man-made rugs are given treatment with electrostatic, dirt-repellent and dirt-repellent agents, which makes them easier to keep cleaned.

Teppichfasertypen: In order to choose the right carpet fibre, you should consider how you want to stay in each room. Basically there are four kinds of carpet fibers: The nylon is the most hard-wearing and dirt-repellent carpet fibre on the market when stained. It' s the fibre of choice for houses with pet animals and kids and for those who enjoy a great deal of entertainment.

Polyesters are known for their luxury look, feeling and beautiful choice of colours and style. Offering good spot and humidity performance, but scoring among polyamide and polyesters for portability, it is best suitable for loops or high, very tight cutting posts. Woollen carpets have naturally dirt-repellent properties, but are not naturally dirt-repellent.

More than 90% of residential carpets are produced as stepped carpets. Typically, a ring tuft sewer works like an outsize needle punch stitcher with thousands of pins that thread fibre loop (tuft or stitch) into the back of the carpet to create the surface of the carpet. The durability of your carpet will depend on how well it has been processed.

Superior design affects the carpet's life, look and cost, and is most strongly affected by the twisting of the fibres and the tuft thickness. This is how tight ly the fibre (carpet yarn) has been turned. As the thread is tightened, the carpet is more resistant to squeezing and matt finishing.

It is particularly important for carpets, as the points are uncovered and can turn open slightly. The highest spin rate for rugs from Grüze is 7-9 turns per inches ( TPI), while most split rugs have between 3-6 turns per inch. TPI is the highest for rugs from Grüze. Densities refer both to the quantity and to how densely the fibres are packaged inside the carpet.

Tighter the fibres together, the thicker the carpet becomes and the better it is worn and functions. Checking carpet densities involves trying to get to the back of the carpet by pushing your finger on the carpet fibres. And the harder it is to get to your back, the thicker the carpet.

Or, with bunches pointing outwards, turn the carpet into a U-shape and see how much of the back of the carpet is there. And the less back that shows, the thicker the carpet. Dirt-repellent carpet: When you have children, your pet and busy or entertained areas, you will want to select a carpet with anti-spotting.

Your wish to provide your home with high value spot durability will not set any limits to your selection of carpet types and colours. Main determinant of spot durability is the carpet fibre type: polyamide, poliester, olefinic, woll. In addition to the fibre grade, most producers use anti spot treatment after manufacturing to improve the naturally occurring anti spot characteristics of each fibre.

Teppich-Texturen: Chopped carpet carpets consist of threads that are chopped at the ends. Featuring a smooth haptic, the trimmed carpet makes it the ideal fit for the most luxurious areas of your home - bedroom, lounge and home. We have five fundamental types of chopped carpet:

One of the main differences between these types is the amount of twisting of the yarn, which eventually affects the carpet's shelf life. The Loop carpet has threads that are wrapped and not cut on the carpet finish. Stacking heights can range from low, narrow to a more luxury high stack. The Loop carpet has strong and dirt-repellent properties.

The Berber is the most beloved type of strap carpet that can be designed as a level-loop or multi-loop carpet. Like the name implies, this carpet has a mix of high-cut clusters and lower straps in a multitude of sculptural designs. Chopped strap rugs provide good value, but are slightly less stable than strap rugs.

Carpet dyeing has two common ways of dyeing; both provide a great colour. Fibre is coloured before the fibre is made. It gives the carpet greater durability against stains and bleaching and is resistant to aggressive detergents such as bleaching products. It is the final step in the post-tufting procedure and is best suited for weaved carpets.

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