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The fibres are selected according to durability, appearance, ease of manufacture and cost. This approach is recommended by most leading carpet manufacturers. Groep is the ideal carpet supplier for multi-housing and educational projects. Porcelain tiles - Home carpet - Commercial carpet - Carpets & mats - Laminate flooring - Luxurious vinyl tiles - Vinyl slabs - Wood floors - Worktops. The Wilton Tailored Gastronomy and Living.

Woollen rugs from Tuftmaster - Carpet manufacturers in Australia

Woollen - luxury and most costly fibre in home use for rugs, is beneficial over synthetic materials, but cost significantly more. Woollen fibre rugs are made from lamb fibres and New Zealand wools are the best. Woollen is inherently resistant because the sheep's coat grow in a coil and the fibres have an outstanding ability to remember when turned into bunches.

Woollen rugs are long-lasting and can last over 60 years with proper maintenance. Do you need help choosing the right carpet?

Carpet fibersCarpet fibers

Many of us are walking on a carpet every night, but we don't always know how much it can make a room different! Do you know that carpets not only look good but also feel good under your legs, reduce noises, act as a great isolator and reduce the danger of slipping and falling?

We have a specialist staff of competent, kind and skilled advisors who can help you select the right pad, the right producer and the right color, fiber and styling for your specific needs so you can make the best home or company investments. Carpets are the heart of the interiors of any room.

This is why there are many different kinds of carpet fibers , all of which have different advantages . Choosing the carpet fiber that best suits your application is important. Need a carpet for a bustling, highly frequented corridor? You may need a carpet that goes best with a wait room where low allergies and easy maintenance are top priority.

Whatever your circumstances, WA Carpet Supermarket can help you find the carpet fiber best suits you and your budgets. Looking for a carpet that feels luxurious, resistant, has healthy advantages, is a sustainable asset, a naturally isolating and simple to use?

Woollen fibers can be the answer for you! Solutions Dyed Nylon or SDN is a good choice for the perfect high grade, easy care vinyl carpet fiber that is hyperallergenic AND will last through the thrill and spillage of everyday use. The SDN fibers are known for their elasticity, thanks to the dimensional stability of the fibers, and thanks to the way SDN fibers are made, the colors are practically lightfast!

A carpet with Polypropylenfasern is ideally if a carpet is important to you, which fades and dirt repellent is, then. Further advantages of Polypropylen carpet are the broad color palette, its easy-care, long-lasting texture and, as with other artificial fibers, its non-allergenic characteristics. DUPONT's fibers contain their Sorona polymers, which offer high grade, spot durability and durability, while providing the elegant and luxurious feel more often associated with woollen fibers.

To renovate your home, visit one of our Osborne Park or Bunbury shows today to find out how our wide selection of high value, low cost rugs can change the look and feel of your home! Ideal for the bedroom and living room, these rugs give any room a classy look and give you a sleek feeling under your feet.

As one of the softened carpet materials on the market, stacks of plushies offer a luxury look with a smooth velvety effect. Sometimes also known as silk or suede rugs, these rugs are ideal for bedroom or anywhere in the home for barfoot. For over 80 years, we have been producing rugs where they have been growing and keeping them at the top of modern designs.

If you buy a Feltex carpet, you can be sure that you are purchasing a durable, high value carpet. At WA Carpet Supermarket we carry a large selection of Feltex rugs that offer great styling, cutting-edge designs, integrality and of course a luxurious feel. Edwardstown carpet from Southern Australia offers a large selection of woollen and art rugs.

You have a long track record in the sector based on innovative designs, and here at WA Carpet Supermarket we are proud to be the proud distributor of your high value Australian rugs. The Quest rugs are leaders in production and materials. Victoria has been living in Australia for more than 60 years, but her legacy stretches back 120 years to Scotland.

Viktoria started with wools, but since then has developed with the evolving markets to offer solution-dyed nylon, polypropylene and polyester fibers. Today, over 150 years later, Godfrey Hirst's fame is excellent and they are considered one of the 19 leading carpet manufacturers in the worl! It is a nationwide provider of wide and flexible carpet modules in Australia, with the capability to make bespoke rugs that meet all requirements.

In the WA Carpet supermarket we primarily select the Bridgestone Airstep series, manufactured on site. There is so much selection at the WA Carpet supermarket and our carpet advisors are available to help you select the best carpet for you! No matter if rugs, plastics or wood, we have the competence to show you what works best in your home.

The WA Carpet supermarket is proud to have two sites, one in Osborne Park near Perth and one in Bunbury. No matter whether you are in town or in the countryside, the WA Carpet supermarket offers you the opportunity to cover your floor covering needs.

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