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The demand for creatively inspired living spaces now makes it possible for modular carpets to change our living environment as well. Godfrey Hirst offers a versatile collection of commercial carpet tiles in Protege. They combine form and good design. The Hobnail carpet tiles have a self-adhesive backing, which means a very simple and unproblematic installation. Explore our carpet tile collections for commercial and residential use.

Highest quality, residential & commercial, do-it-yourself, carpet tiles.

Teppichfliesen in a residential application: An intelligent answer

An important fact to keep in mind when laying carpet tiles is that they are easy to lay. Even if you think that this will not affect your choices, it will affect the overall costs, abrasion and amount of installing work. Place this in a living environment and you will have a home appliance that will stand up to more than your normal demands, even if you have a home with vigorous newborns!

Consider the opportunities in your home, especially in busy areas such as homes, corridors and entranceways. It is not only for aesthetical reasons to have a good looking carpet year after year, but it also saves you a lot of effort and expense without having to change the carpet in the not too remote near term.

Have you ever re-decorated a room with carpet furnishings, you will appreciate that it is something you may not have to do again for a very long while! Teppichfliesen are a cost-effective carpet flooring that makes them an even more attractive choice. The main reason for this is that the pre-laying procedure is much less complicated than with a broadband-style carpet.

Tiles are easy and inexpensive to pack and transport, there is little rubbish and the expense of repairing damages is much lower. Whilst the amount of effort involved is generally less than with traditional carpets, you should also consider post-installation maintenance and the associated overhead. If little explaining is required, you need only use your imaginations to realize that substituting a single colored or dirty carpet tiles is much less challenging than substituting a whole area of carpet.

Whilst there are many great ways to wash carpet, if the spot is too persistent, a carpet tiles substitute is not a tough task. Carpet tiles offer infinite opportunities in terms of appearance. Naturally, in a residential environment carpet blocks will be a good way to create your own ornamental outline.

There are a variety of attractive and distinctive floor tile styles that can be made.

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