Residential Modular Carpet

Living area Modular carpet

What should we do to specify carpets in the housing and education sectors? shaw supplied Applied EcoWorx Modular Tile Carpet in "ionized", a warm light brown that complemented the neutral palette of the apartment. The Novilon Modular is a vinyl tile and plank flooring designed for modular installation, available in LVT stone and wood finish for the living area. FLOR offers a FLOR product line to promote the sale of modular carpets to the consumer market. Whilst modular carpets may be suitable for some homeowners, it is not a common choice for homeowners.

A development in residential floor coverings

The Ontera Modular Carpets have successfully changed the floor landscape of our business environment, now they are moving into the house with their new modular residential carpet tiling. Ontera, after many years of successful business in the industrial sector, has now introduced its first modular carpet floor covering for the home - INHOME. Gorgeous soft toy with a luxury structured haptic, the series offers intrinsic versatility to satisfy the increasing demands of the creative lifestyle markets.

Featuring an ultra-thick living area nap backed by Ontera's EnvibondPlus luxury pillow back, Infome flooring offers maximum convenience and delicacy. Ontera's Marketing Manager - Australia & New Zealand - Kevin Harkin explains: "The HOME series is the new border for Ontera and the carpet manufacturing world. In the same way that the commodity carpet tile sector has been converted to modular carpet tile, the residential carpet sector now has the possibility to enjoy the many advantages of a flexible modular carpet.

As the apartment building grows and the need for more design and versatility in our floors grows, a modular carpet tiles that gives a smooth, fluffy feeling is the best solution". Featuring a choice of 6 smooth, appealing neutrals, the INHOME line is ideally suited for all kinds of residential settings, as well as homes, shelters and elderly homes.

The Australian ENHOME series is now available in stores.

continuous carpets

Our company specializes in the delivery and laying of floors from major providers, including: At Armstrong we are a producer of floors and ceilinging. Surfacing includes hard-wood, laminated and vinylic floors. One of the biggest carpet producers in Australia, Beaulieu Australia is the industry leaders in solution-dyed technologies and green carpet.

Desso is a provider of high-quality carpet tile and carpet, concentrating primarily on sophisticated carpet designs and Cradle to Cradle. We are a world-class producer and distributor of elastic floors. Linoleum, Project Vinyl, Needlefelt, Flotex, carpet tile and entry hall system belong to the product family.

Try out our online soil visualizer. Wonderfully real and handy vinylic tile flooring, which has been inspire by natural surroundings and created for the home. The Ontera Modular Carpets are the market leader in modular carpet tile products.

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