Residential Modular Carpet Tiles

Modular carpet tiles for living areas

Nice stripe pattern bitumen backed carpet tiles living area modular carpet. CAPE INSTALLATION SYSTEM residential and commercial applications. The modular carpet tiles offer an alternative that solves both problems. milliken modular tiles and wants to stay with milliken, they can return old tiles and avoid. is the world's largest manufacturer of modular carpets for commercial and residential applications.

apartment building

Developed for use in apartment buildings, this floor covering is highly versatile. The apartment building has so many different types of rooms - areas of common use such as hobbies and fitness studios, lively corridors and, of course, residential buildings. It' not just a choice of style and color. It is a system of forms, designs, colours and texts that is fully dimensional and allows you virtually unlimited freedom of use.

You can use them alone or blend forms, designs, and colours to sketch large areas of shared pattern, highlight certain areas of activities, or just camouflage routinely used roadmaps. They can also make area carpets and carpet carpets of any form and sizes. We have also teamed up with our affiliate FLOR to give your renters even more creative possibilities with the hottest carpets on the market.

With our adhesive-free TacTiles® laying system, our easy-to-clean, performance-oriented carpet tiles lay, generate only 1.5% scrap, are splash and dirt-repellent and can be changed quickly and easily within a few short moments. They will also help to build a more tranquil climate. It is not only an intelligent option for your interiors, but also for the enviroment in general.

Modular carpet tiles for residential and commercial buildings

You have most likely seen carpets with complicated or practical design in offices and places such as airfields. The Carpet and Rug Institute has found that the use of modular carpet tiles is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors of the carpet industry, with many choosing hardwood s and laminate instead of carpet.

Frequently called carpet fields, the tiles are often 18 or 24 inch squared, but come in many heights. Different kinds of tiles are available, from the tacky back for a solid base to locking option for a buoyant base. The carpet tiles fuse with each other when properly laid.

Do you have a question about modular carpet tiles? There is a comprehensive line of carpet products for your home or business.

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