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Anti-fatigue mats restaurant

High-end hotels with anti-fatigue mats that belong in factory buildings simply don't work. Convenient tired feet and less fatigue with this anti-fatigue kitchen mat. Have a look at our collection of anti-fatigue mats. Matting distributes weight evenly and under pressure gives points that restore stress and stretch. Max wet area cushion anti-fatigue mat with drainage holes.

Which are the top 5 restaurant anti-fatigue mats?

The work in a restaurant is very exhausting, no matter if you are a professional kitchen assistant, line kitchen assistant, waiter or other employees. Prolonged periods on the foot can cause back and leg pains, excessive fatigue and general complaints that make you feel exhausted and weary. Anti-fatigue mats in the restaurant are therefore a great supplement.

Restaurantmats, specially engineered to minimise fatigue and discomfort, can make your restaurant a more safe and convenient place for your employees - but it's so important that you pick the right mats. Cuisines are full of damp areas and fat, both of which can make your normal anti-fatigue mats smooth and hazardous.

Industrial matting is engineered to endure these harsh environments and is long lasting enough to endure the heavy volume of travel you will see. Are you looking for new restaurant mats to make your equipment more safe and convenient for your team? In the following you will find the top 5 anti-fatigue mats restaurants in which you should make an investment.

With its 3x5 foot dimensions and 3/4 inches thickness, this is a light and cleanable mats. It has a non-slip finish to ensure personnel safety, and the tapering edge ensures a gentle transfer to and from the pad, minimising the likelihood of someone sliding. It is made of a uniquely sealed cellular mixture of nitrogen and nitrogen that feels very pleasant under the foot but is also long lasting enough to resist use in a large cuisine.

Thick 3x5 ft x 3/4 inches, this pad weights only 10 lbs, making it simple to move, move and wash. It consists of a one-of-a-kind, closed-cell mixture of nitrogen cellular foams, which makes it pleasant under the legs, but is also fat stable, so that it can be used in the kitchen.

The restaurant mats have been developed to maximise staff security. It has a non-slip finish and the conical edge helps to minimise the chance of stumbling when entering or leaving the mats. You can use this pad for: can help to keep your staff secure and comfy.

The restaurant mat provides outstanding draining and keeps employees' legs up and out of the depth. In addition, it provides outstanding anti-slip and anti-fatigue characteristics for maximum comforts. This restaurant mats are 1/2 inches thick and available in a wide range of length up to 20 ft long.

No joints are needed and the mats are stitched for a cleaner and more durable look. Shaped and bevelled corners provide a gentle transition from and to the mats. You can use these mats for: We recommend the use of the Black Mat Tuffdek V.I.P. for bar areas, services and shelters.

This restaurant mats have the same characteristics and advantages you see in many of the more expensive top step mats, but with a more lightweight styling. With no loss of performance, these mats are only 36 lbs in size, yet are extremely long-lasting and commercially viable. Due to the fact that the Black Tuffdek VIP mats are light, they are perfect restaurant mats.

The mats are simple to clean, and a lone individual can move the mats for easier final scouring. The mats still provide the advantages you want in any anti-fatigue floor. Featuring outstanding draining and non-slip grip for maximum security, they are ideal for use in the most demanding of situations. They are convenient on foot and can help alleviate employees' pains and increase their productiveness.

These mats are ideal for: offering the variety you are looking for. These mats are fitted with drain pits that allow debris and debris to flow directly through the mats and keep your legs out of the way whilst your legs stay clean and clean. Waterproof and anti-skid mesh with non-skid friction drive for operator comfort.

Select between a fat-proof shade of either crimson or crimson, according to the needs of your restaurant. These mats are also available with a scattered finish to offer even more grip in slippery areas. With a size of 10x3 ft, this pad provides quite a large cover. But if you are looking for something bigger, you can use the TruTread X connector to join several mats together.

Our broad range of anti-fatigue mats ensures that you will find the right one for your restaurant.

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