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Search our full range of rubber floor mats to find the best mat for your bar areas: restaurant mats, kitchen floor mats, anti-fatigue mats, restaurant kitchen floor mats, commercial kitchen mats. Take a look at our options and equip your restaurant with the best commercial floor mats for every job. Mat, Inc. offers a range of mats and matting for the hospitality and fast food industries. Industrial floor mats, restaurant floor mats, interior floor mats, industrial floor mats, restaurant floor mats.

Wide range of kitchen, bar, restaurant and laboratory floor mats.

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Restaurant- and kitchen mats offer anti-slip in front of the front entrance, but also in the preparation areas of the gastronomy. Restaurant- and kitchen mats are the most efficient way to stop dust and humidity at the doors, reduce the cost of maintaining the buildings to a bare essentials and protect employees from slippery areas with edible oil and wash bay waters.

Wherever security is a must, non-slip mats meet the needs of staff for consciousness, good health and well-being. Individual Logo Mats & Message Mats are also an ideal way to convey a corporate identity or message to your staff or clients. And if you're not sure what kind of mats you need, take a look at our sample floor plan or call 1-888-226-2724 and a member of our distribution team will be happy to help.

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At Mats, Inc., we offer a range of mats and pads for the hospitality and quick foods industries. Restaurant & quick foods chain stores usually buy mats for their entrance areas, galleys and pub areas. In the following sections we describe the mats most commonly used by restaurant and pub customers. The mats are printed with the unique name, icon and/or name of your restaurant.

Dining rooms personalise mats with the print of their name or logos using the colours of their restaurant chains. Individual mats are colourful, appealing and promote the name and emblem of each restaurant and reduce the amount of debris entering the area. Usually carpeting mats are placed in the restaurant foyer, while outdoor floor mats are used where the elements play a role.

These mats are simple mats (without logos) that are typical of restaurant, bar or fast-food chain entrances to keep the visibility of dust and humidity to a bare minimum. They can be used in the kitchen or in the living room. Walking mats are also used throughout the restaurant to collect drops and debris. Doormats are available in many different colours, styles and dimensions.

A number of mats have a grab or backside liner specially developed to remain on the rug. Internal floor mats and skids are also used in roofed multi-storey car parks and in front of lifts to perform extra floor washing before the client enters the restaurant area. Outdoor Mats & Bishops These mats are usually found in the outdoor areas of a restaurant.

The outer mats are placed outside the entrance and are usually made of either gum or some kind of synthetic scraping used. The mat fabrics are engineered to quickly dewater and desiccate. It gives restaurant visitors the chance to scratch their footwear before they enter your dining room or your pub. Fatigue & Runners For security reasons, most restaurant owners buy draining mats for their areas of the Kitchen.

The mats also offer a support for feet and legs for all those who have to stay longer. Non-fatigue mats are also used behind grids for similar applications. Non-fatigue mats can be acquired with a fixed finish or with openings for damp areas. These mats are usually used on sliding surfaces in restaurants or on catering estates.

Wheelchair pads are often made of elastic material that is stuck or bonded to wheelchair platforms to offer some resilience during use. Steps, Risers, Landing Tiles & AdhesivesMats, Inc. provides steps in gum, vinyls and metals / steps for restaurant staircases. MatsRestaurant Offices desktop furniture can buy bespoke desktop matting to help prevent flooring and carpets from being scratched and damaged by swivel castors on desks.

These mats are thinner and more durable than those normally found in traditional shops.

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