Ribbed Entrance Carpet

Creased entrance carpet

Ripped entrance mats have a channelled surface structure that traps dirt and moisture beneath the surface. The Integra Zeal Premier Rips carpet mat is designed with a unique reinforced chevron pattern. Designed for large, spacious entrance areas. These entrance mats combine aluminium retaining profiles with carpets, ribbed rubber treads or abrasive grains that provide a non-slip surface. They are economical and yet highly effective entrance mat products.

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It has a spotty color on top which helps to conceal grime and deposits. DirtStopper ribbed entrance mat is lightfast and suitable for concealed entrance areas indoors and outdoors. Experience it up person with our individual mat. Sometimes we realize that you need to move and move our mat before you make a choice.

Corrugated entrance mat

Creased entrance mats are made of synthetic material, tied and imbedded in a backing of synthetic film. A long, side-by-side roof line helps keep footwear cleaner, removing dust and deposits, and keeping dirt-free flooring cleaner for longer. Ripped entrance mats are advisable for medium to strong use.

Available also as cross-country skier 3 feet, 4 feet or 6 feet width, up to 60' long. Easily cleaned with a hoover, spray tube and depend drying, or even vaporize.

Dirt & Moisture Barrier Zone Carpet Mats

The Integra Area entrance mat has proved itself in many very challenging settings as a prime and second mat area. The Integra Vantt 5500 & 7500 range is integrated with the Integra Vantt 5500 & 7500 range and the Link range of mats, which allow the color matching of the designers and the closed flux of different mat areas.

It can be laid as a floating bed with a beveled edge, in bed shafts or from side to side in a lobby or atrium. Highly frequented and high-quality company entrance areas, clinics, school buildings, universities, malls, shops, sports arenas, etc. 2000 mm broad reel (incl. edges), individually tailored.

Engtrano ? Rib - Safety floor covering

Specially developed to capture debris and humidity in the ducts provided so that they do not spread inside the shed. Ribbed tread pattern assists in trapping excess debris and excess debris on the pad while the durable fiber quickly dry. Ultrathin tread is ideal for all ages and areas. Hard-wearing PVC back keeps the pad sitting even and also keeps excess rain and debris on the pad.

Ultrathin tread is ideal for all ages and areas. Hard-wearing PVC back keeps the pad sitting even and also keeps moisture and debris on the pad. The Entrano Rib is very light, which makes wiping by vibrating, sucking or rinsing the pad very simple.

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