Ribbed Entrance Matting

Corrugated entrance mat

Ripped mats are effective and economical for medium traffic areas. Ripped entrance mats have a channelled surface structure that traps dirt and moisture beneath the surface. Ripped, rubberized or with brushes - the type of input determines which inserts you need. Creased entrance mats have high-low burrs that extend over the entire length of the mat. These entrance mats combine aluminium retaining profiles with carpets, ribbed rubber treads or abrasive grains that provide a non-slip surface.

Ripped - Entrance mat - Art. No. 844155

Equipped with extreme rough fibers for challenging areas of heavyduty transport and load, good for scrapping boots. Deeply ribbed, these 100% propylene fibers drain debris into the recessed ducts, have superior wetting properties and dries very quickly. Hard-wearing vinylic backing keeps the floor from rubbing and wet.

Creased entrance mats | MHA Products

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Corrugated entrance mat

Creased entrance mats are made of synthetic material, tied and imbedded in a backing of synthetic film. A long, side-by-side roof line helps keep footwear cleaner, removing dust and deposits, and keeping dirt-free flooring cleaner for longer. Ripped entrance mats are advisable for medium to strong use.

Available also as cross-country skier 3 feet, 4 feet or 6 feet width, up to 60' long. Easily cleaned with a hoover, spray tube and depend drying, or even vaporize.

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