Rubber backed door Mats

Back door rubber mats

Made from recycled rubber and natural coconut fibre, this rubber door mat is a durable, environmentally friendly welcome mat for both indoor and outdoor use. Find out more about our range of high-quality and durable door mats at reasonable prices. A non-slip rubber pad is there to prevent your mat from moving. When your door mat is made with a nitrile rubber backing (as used in commercial mat service, for example), you can throw the mat away in the washing machine. Include your own photos or cheeky slogans to create a unique and fun doormat gift.

Doormats & Doormats

  • Used under the desk and in bedrooms, kitchens, beds, automobile seats, cushions, and so on. Rubber used. Antislip, mashine washable. The YAZI Cat anti-slip door mat lounge carpet carpet flannel carpet 45x135cm. Use of hallway, lounge, kitchen, bedrooms, children's playrooms, etc. KITCHENBAR tools. Cleaning: handwash or automatic washer, put in the clothes basket before use.

Heavy-load door mats with high traffic volume

Are you working in a busy area that is quickly degraded by the amount of pedestrian activity and other items being pulled on wheels or across the floor? Use one of the Matshop floor mats to cover the floor of your worktop. Much of our mats are engineered to capture humidity and dirt and act as a protection service, making them perfect for jobs where workers find themselves in filthy or damp environments that you don't want to roam everywhere in the workspace.

Most of our mats can be made to measure so you can find the right fitting for your work.

Coconut rubber backed doormat 60cm x 40cm

Door mats are very hard-wearing floor mats that are suited for front and rear use. Its back is a durable rubber, so it is ideal for damp areas and will not deter as quickly as other mats. Weaved coconut fabric has effective cleaning action to clean away shoe soiling.

It has a sleek and elegant look and is very long-lasting.

Estém Mats - economic rubber door mats with background lighting

Valuable security mats are rubberized back door mats developed for interior and exterior use. Rubber is added to the grooved surface of the rug to avoid squashing the nap, which means the rug retains its look and function forever. Developed to help keep footwear dry and dry, the durable top of the rug is connected to a non-slip rubber backing and has a chamfered security lip on all four sides of the doormat.

The Esteem Mat TEK is available in large volumes and in the following sizes:

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