Rubber backed Entrance Mats

Entrance mats with rubber coating

The high-quality Waterhog Classic entrance mats have established themselves as the industry's most robust rubberized mats and are designed for use in high traffic areas. CategoriesTrax Designs Guzzler Burgundy gummed entrance mat is machine made and designed for high traffic areas. Mat Product Construction & Features: - Available for indoor entrances, corridors and doors. Entry mats are ideal for the busiest areas due to their high dirt holding capacity and non-slip rubber underlay.

A mat for every make and every event.

Ask for a sample or have our assortment of mats sent to you by e-mail. In simple terms, a mesh repair is the periodic replacement of a neat mesh for a soiled mesh. Replacing the mats regularly will ensure their efficiency. The mats are taken back to the washing room, where they are laundered in industry machinery, dryed and put back into operation.

Picture imprinted on a blanket backed with NBR rubber, using an inkjet printer. Submit your logotype and your color selection and we will design a customized logomat that will be print in 42 colors to enrich your store, your classroom room, your home or your business. Rubber base offers long life.

There is a wide range of colors and style to match the interior of your office. Modify your standard morning care services to a seasonally adjusted morning care to participate in celebrations. Available only for repeat clients at a slightly higher rate. Wide range of design and message on 85 x 150cm and 85 x 300cm mats.

Shift mat: Modify the look periodically to highlight important security issues. There is also a favourite assortment of mats for super markets and cafés. Versatile 85 x 150 cm mats with a wide selection of themes and message to sensitise your employees and make them think. Modify the look and feel of your products on a regular basis to keep important security issues in view.

There are also a number of different types of mats available for certain companies such as vegetable shops, cafés, bakeries, deli's. Dyeing of polyamide fibres prior to matting results in better color fastness. Thanks to the crush-resistant nap, it absorbs debris better and prolongs the service lifetime of the pad when cleaned well. Fiber creates a electrostatic effect that attracts airborne particles.

Rubber back is non-slip and stable against oils and greases. Durable design - made from highly solution-dyed monofilament yarn - eliminates excess debris and humidity such as sludge, powder, snow, dust and sands. Our solution-dyed fibers are UV-resistant, which means that they are highly colour-fast, even when the sun shines well.

Manufactured from solution-dyed 100% rubber base coated 100% methacrylate rubber, these mats retain their color and are highly absorptive. Ideal for heavily frequented areas such as warehouses, staircases and entranceways.

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