Rubber backed Entry Rugs

Gummed entrance carpets

Thin Sarouk Low pile machine washable indoor outdoor kitchen corridor entrance. A number of door mats are made of carpet material and backed with PVC vinyl. To prevent slipping, use a rubber pad under the carpet. Carrier materials can be vinyl, rubber, latex or rubber with recycled content. Several area carpets are supplied with a non-slip rubber underlay to keep them securely in place.

Entrance matting for interior use | Door matting | Vinyl underlay

Our range includes a full range of entry matting for interiors, both private and professional. Having a top of the range entry pad attached to all internal doors to your home or office is vital to capture and conceal debris and retain humidity from damp footwear. The most common difference between doormats is the kind of reverse side on the entry mat as well as the finish used.

Below you will find our range of vinylic doormats. Interior vinyl-coated matting is more cost-effective than rubber-coated matting, but usually has a longer service time. A further important criterion when choosing an entry matt for the interior is the finish of the doormat. Low panel rug entry matting is good for quick curing.

Inner matting with a higher nap, such as a diamant design or a serrated finish of serrated steel, is ideal for scrapping and collecting dust and other small deposits. Most of our entrance matting offers tailor-made carpets to suit long distances or meet special requirements. Vinyl underlay pads are designed for use on flat surfaces.

Runner with rubber gripper back. Doesn't move on the carpet.

Manufactured from the highest grade polyamide finish with rubber nitride backing and studs that help minimise motion. Stayput is a classical design in industrial mats production, Stayput is a machine-washable advertising mats with a long lasting thread and a back of Nitril rubber. A luxury, weighty, 100% plushy fabric thread for excellent colour stability and colour stability.

Thermofixed and turned fibres catch dust, humidity and resistance mats. The moulded rubber underlay is resistant to rippling and tearing in all weathers. NBR pad with studs minimises motion. Approx. 3/8" The Stayput grab has a clamped back to minimise motion on rugs, and smooth finishes such as tiles, concrete, timber, etc.

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