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When you have a home or office that needs a good looking and reliable carpet mat, you've come to the right place. Low profile carpet mat with non-slip synthetic rubber base and rubber edge. The Toughrib has moulded rubber edges that do not curl or tear. Now you can buy a mat with a very impressive surface design in carpet fibres, rubber or vinyl. Purchase the ideal rubber mat for your commercial or private entrance!

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Gold Coast rubber mats Rubber mats for all uses, also for horse carts and stable buildings Rubber mats - today more than ever pavements are in use. Rubber mats or floor coverings can really help prevent you from slipping, stumbling or falling. Enhanced security is directly traced back to finishes, diamonds and rib shapes that provide excellent grip and make them an excellent pedal.

It is made of all-purpose 3mm vinyls and is very versatile. 100% nitrile profile - perfect for indoor and outdoor catwalks (UV and antistatic), fitness studio flooring, lab and catering areas. The OTB Products range includes rollers from 10mtrs to 32mtrs + non-conductive control cabinet panels and panels.

Be sure to select the right mat, mat or mat for your use. Give us a call at OTB Products and we will help you select the best mat for you.

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When you have a home or business that needs a good-looking and dependable carpet mat, you've come to the right place. They are great meshes for any living and business entrance as they provide an appealing esthetic value with dependable security characteristics. Carpet carpets are able to enhance the security of an area as they scrape off debris from arriving shoes and resist the collection of damp.

The carpets for interiors are available in a wide range of different styles and colours to better meet your needs. Here our carpets for interior use are particularly highly recommended. Teppichmatten are perfect to be on the spot, as they allow you to clean efficiently all year round. Our rubberized carpet surface serves as a soil repellent when walking on it.

Carpet matting prevents this by scratching the grime off the outside footwear and holding the grime off their surface until it is removed. The reason for this is the carpet surface of these doormats. Carpet fibres work efficiently by gripping the hard-to-reach areas of footwear and rinsing out impurities.

Those particulates then get caught in the carpet fibres and remain there until the carpet mat is brush or sucked off. User defined lengths up to 60ft. User defined lengths up to 60ft. Inside, our carpets also serve as water-absorbing meshes. Carpet meshes can prevent this. That is one of the main reasons why carpet meshes have become - and remain - so important for households and jobs everywhere.

If you place carpets at an entrance, you will significantly increase the security of the area. There are two ways carpet do this. Firstly, the synthetical finish of these rubber carpet meshes captures the damp. Most carpet mat product tops are made from one piece of carpet felt fabric, consisting of propylene.

Instead, some carpet matting may use an oil film. This material is highly efficient for use on hydrophobic matting as humidity is readily entrapped between the fibres. As soon as the humidity is on the mat, it no longer has a hold thanks to the rubber pad of the mat.

Sturdy, non-porous and non-slip, this underlay helps prevent humidity from entering the underlying ground, thus avoiding slipping and sliding that could result in dangerous collisions. Neither do the fibres of propylene allow noxious substances such as mould and mould to develop on the carpet mat. Our water-absorbing pads help keep indoor flooring cleaner, drier and safer by absorbing humidity and removing soiling.

Rubberized carpet mat also offers outstanding skid resistance - on both sides of the mat. All-rubber backs supplied with our carpet mat make them very coveted for security reasons. Please note, however, that some of our carpet meshes are supplied with synthetic backing.

Whether the substrate is rubber or vinylic, you get improved grip from our water-absorbing matting. Rubberized carpet matting is designed to remain firmly and securely on the substrate on which it is placed. In this way, the carpets are prevented from sliding even under humid circumstances.

This carpet mat's double-sided pulling action makes it more resistant to humidity and offers you and your customers a high degree of protection. Please bear in minds that these are interior carpets. Carpet mats are also suitable for decoration.

Our carpet is suitable for both living and business premises. It gives the product an important variety, with different kinds of carpet pads suitable for different rolls and environments. The carpets for interiors, for example, will be smaller to ensure the security of a door that will have a lot of pedestrian activity.

Gummed carpet pads are important to have in this stance as they will not slide even under extreme stress. Rolling carpet rolls would be used to provide coverage over a wider area, especially in areas where significant mat length is needed, such as covering an inner walk.

Smaller water-absorbing pads can be taken up without the need for glues and placed wherever they are needed. However, in some cases, glues such as double-sided duct tapes or glues can be used to fix carpet mat length more securely to your substrate, ensuring even greater floor safety.

Our goal is to offer you a wide range of choices, regardless of your carpet mat requirements. The carpet mat is an essential and valued item that provides many different uses, from bar areas to living rooms, canteens, showers and sports halls. Consumers can be sure that rubberized carpet is suitable for virtually any home or business setting and provides significant benefit in any situation.

It' tough to find good carpet meshes. Our inventory of various carpet meshes for your application is expected to work well. Available in either off-the-shelf or roller mat designs, these entrances can withstand dirt, humidity and pedestrian loads with relatively little effort.

In addition, these hydrophobic blankets can be clean with a broom or cleaner. Our carpet mat protects you, your guest and your house and shop entrances with its one-of-a-kind mixture of carpet and rubber protection.

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