Rubber Floor Liner for Trucks

Elastic floor lining for trucks

Heavy duty HD black rubber boot Cargo Liner floor matting suitable for car/SUV/Van/Trucks. Frequently used for you, they also protect the interior of the truck very well. Flexible vinyl and rubber floor mats are individually moulded to fit the floor of your truck, van, SUV or taxi. Football nuts can choose a doormat that is different from the one typically used by a sports car owner or truck driver. The Maggift rubber floor mats offer your vehicle the necessary protection at a very reasonable price.

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  • The other one's got Weathertech. The John P. Husky X-Act floorcoverings are of excellent workmanship and durable and are easy to wash. Don't spend your cash on WeatherTech, buy Husky! X-ACT Konturmatten fits our 2018 fr150 very well. We' ve substituted a "universal" matset and we really enjoy how it looks like a part of the floor and not a surface.

Best floor coverings we've ever had. This liner fits like a moulded-on liner. It' smooth and elastic. And I had a pair of Wettertech liner that weren't nearly as good as this one. This is a great liner kit in comparison to the other liner I had. It' not so tough and the corners don't look like they're rolling up like my last competitor kit.

for my son's new lorry... he's so lucky.

Rubber Truck Mat - Rubber and vinyl floor matting moulded for most trucks, delivery trucks and taxis.

Manufactured from our own range of rubber and synthetic floor matting, our versatile floor matting is individually moulded to suit the floor of your lorry, delivery vans, SUV or taxis. Our company has both individually shaped rubber and rubber floors for cars, according to car and use. Manufactured to the same specification as the OEM rubber mat, our lorry rubber matting does not need to be cut in most cases, making it easier to install.

Moulded rubber floor matting is the ideal substitute for your genuine rug if you are retrofitting your lorry or transporter to a work car or just want something that' s easy to wash and lasts longer than carpets. We have 69 reviews for our rubber and vinyl floor coverings, with an average rating of 4.91 from 5*.

Moulded HGVinyl floors are tough, durable and easily cleaned. Moulded vinyls are moulded in vacuo instead of printing to obtain a much better end use. They are available in different colours like monochrome, gray, blue as well as beige. This moulded rubber mat is ideal for your lorry, bus or taxicab.

Carpets are not the right floor coverings for a car at certain periods of the year. Whether it's a pick-up or SUV that eats its fat in the field or on a building site, or a taxicab that takes passengers around town, our rubber or synthetic floor is the durable one. When we do not provide bespoke moulded rubber or synthetic rubber mats for your lorry or vans, we also provide synthetic rubber or synthetic materials in the courtyard to match most makes and shapes of cars.

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