Rubber Floor Mats


Elastic floors for indoor and outdoor use. Mats are critical in a variety of areas and provide floor protection, slip resistance and comfort. Gummimatten offer cost-effective surface solutions!

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The All Rubber Matting consists of all kinds of mats, entry mats, running mats, anti-fatigue mats, gymnastic mats... all made of rubber. Rubber mats are designed for the most demanding environment, whether they are rubber mats that are subjected to outdoor exposure to rain, frost and heat, rubber mats that are coated with liquids for cuttings in industry, rubber mats that are baked with fat and oil in restaurants, or rubber gymnastic mats that are subject to high weight misuse and machines in gyms.

Rubber mats help to emphasize important security information. Rubber-cleaned surface mats avoid contamination getting into aseptic systems. Door mats are rubber entrance mats that can be used both inside and outside. When used outside, these rubber mats do not decay, decompose or discolour as a result of rain, ice or sunlight.

Because of the applied rubber the mats are always lying even. Rubber Logo mats are made of rubber and show pictures in photographic grade. Made-to-measure rubber mats are perfect for point-of-purchase programmes, exhibitions, shows, events, fairs and advertising. The rubber training mats are designed for a constant, shockproof effect.

The rubber mats are available in a wide range of sizes to suit the use, lay-out and durability of the room. Security mats are pre-printed mats with important security and warnings for employees in the region. Messaging mats alert employees to their intrinsic hazards, what to look out for and how to ensure security in any setting.

Rubber contamination control mats are cleanroom mats, also known as sanitary mats, which are used in areas where no contamination, pollution or contamination is permitted. Gum mats are used as drain mats for canteen kitchens where draining and pulling are essential. Gum mats / Restaurantmats must be able to resist the strain of fats, oil and food.

All rubber mats that are available on rolls are rubber running mats. A rubber pad is only available in length up to ten feet. The rubber skids are available in up to 75 feet length. Elastic skids are perfect for extra grip.

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