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Floor Store is proud to show and offer something extraordinary. One of our specialities is rubber floors in Portsmouth. Visit the B & C Floor Store Store for expert advice and a wide selection. Visit us today. Durable and flexible, our rubber floor tiles will look and feel fabulous in your home, school or office.

Latest tweets from Rubber Floor Store (@Rubber_Floor). Our specialty is to provide high quality #RubberFlooring floors at highly competitive prices.

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The TIMBER LAMINATE Timber Laminate is a classy and long-lasting flooring that offers excellent durability in any area.... The Floor Store has been serving the carpet supply business for over 50 years and specialises in the supply of floor coverings and.... Elastic floors for studios, health clubs and other activities centers.

Installing Swimming Record Floor is above the floor and remains in place without adhesive. Fitted with matching vinyls....


For over thirty five years, The Floor Store has been reselling and fitting premium floor coverings from Main Street in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts. We have been "floor layers" since 1983! In the Floor Store... We are specialized in individual floorings of all kinds: ceramics tiling, prefabricated wooden floorings (nailed, bonded and floating), floorings made of various materials such as slabs and floorboards, carpets, carpets, carpets, laminated and commercially available floorings such as rubber centrals, rubber slabs, inserted PVC and customized PVC floorings for the most demanding tastes.

As we are particularly happy to carry out individual ceramics work, we also manufacture wall and flooring - such as shower enclosures, baths, worktops and splash guards - with items such as glassmosaics, drums and complicated insets, which are manufactured both at the works and according to your instructions directly in our atelier. Thermal screens, fireplaces, multi-surface combination such as tiles with brushed finishes.

Floor Store is proud to show and offer something extraordinary. We are located directly opposite the Old Town Hall on Main Street in West Stockbridge - next to the Public Market. Since 1983, two generation of families have offered reliable, truthful and reasonably priced floor coverings in West Stockbridge!

You are invited to call or email the Floor Store to receive a quote today.

Elastic floors in Portsmouth - The B & C Floor Store

Elastic floorings have a number of benefits that have made them a favorite option for floor coverings. Rubber floorings have been used in industrial and highly frequented areas since the 1970s. The rubber floor is available in tile, normal, mesh and slab versions. One of the most common benefits of rubber floorings is that they are durable, ductile and resistant to various environmental influences.

Correctly maintained floors should last about twenty years, if not longer, depend on the kind of tiles or slabs used and the surroundings in which they are used. Let us help you build a classy room, floor by floor.

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