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Here you will find all types of commercially available rubber floors. Offering the highest quality rubber floors for offices, gyms, hospitals and more. Mannington Commercial's Teles collection of highly resilient commercial interior rubber flooring is available in roll, tile and plank formats. The Eco-Flec Rolls offers an inexpensive rubber floor covering that is available in a wide range of thicknesses to meet the needs of homes and businesses. Explore all our rubber floors and other innovative, decorative and environmentally friendly solutions.

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Could one line supply all this and more? We present everroll® from Regupol. This is a selection of floor coverings that meet the elementary requirements of functionality and shape. Neverroll® has seven different lines of apparel enriched with color fragmentations that harmonize with other flooring styles and modern interior designs.

Neverroll® is a homogenous material, has no wearing surface and is PVC-free. Indicate everroll®. In our selector you will find the right everroll® rubber floor covering for your use. Neverroll® Core Series consists of eight colors. Available in 4mm, 8mm and 12mm thickness, the glove is ideal for a wide variety of flooring uses in civil engineering.

Tone is a favourite flooring selection for open areas with eight different colors to select from from everroll®. With thicknesses of 4mm, 8mm and 12mm, this glove is designed for high frequency applications. Neverroll® Intensity Series is made up of six breathtaking colors. Neverroll® Diamont Series consists of two colors and offers a distinctive effect in any type of flooring.

It is available in 4 mm thick and can be used to create beautiful flooring in flagstones, floorboards and six-sided ceilings. Two-layer flooring incorporates an everroll® rubber flooring of your choosing laid on a shock-absorbing Regupol® base.

Rubber Flooring Costs - Options, Styles & Installation Pricing

Don't let your conversion budgets go overboard with concealed secrets - use our convenient pocket-size calculator to see how high the avarage rubber floor installers in your area are. Are you looking for a break-down of the rubber flooring charges for 2019 and what the laying charges might be, you have come to the right place.

Elastic floorings are costly CodeSq. et.seq. The total amount can quickly accumulate, especially if you are a beginner and have never tried rubber flooring before. It is highly advisable that you engage a licenced and insured rubber flooring manufacturer to carry out the plumbing for you. Make sure you provide a copy of the rubber flooring manufacturer's recommendations before you start to ensure that your rubber flooring does not cause you more long-term outlay.

Obtain at least 3-5 quotes before engaging a rubber flooring contract partner - quotes are usually free of charge unless it is a servicing call for a mending. Anticipate rubber floor price fluctuation between different businesses - each has different operating costs and overheads. Attempt to get rates in late-autumn and early winters - you should be expecting aggressively discounted rates by expecting downtime from a builder.

Adding extra complexities to your wall and subfloors, cladding work will increase the cost of rubber floors. Go to any retailer that sells your special rubber flooring label and try to get a better deal with each vendor - I am saving an avarage of 20%. Remember and try to plan a little more before you start your rubber flooring design.

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